Dragon manure

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Dragon manure can be harvested from dragon manure piles left behind by adolescent and older dragons in large pens at the player-owned farm. While mucking out, 500 farming experience is gained every three game ticks until the pile is removed.

Fifteen buckets of dragon manure can be added to a compost bin in order to make ultracompost, yielding 1 Farming experience for each bucket added to the bin. Players must have an empty bucket in the inventory to collect the manure from the pens.

This item spawns on a 10 minute cycle on the tens, at game times ending in :00, :10, :20, :30, :40, and :50 each adolescent and older dragon has a 50% chance of producing one dragon manure each unless they have a trait that affects manure. The Constipated trait reduces the animal's manure chance to 0% and the Regular trait increases the output to 100% per cycle. Dragons without traits that affect manure, if diseased, can still produce manure.

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