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Dragon bane equipment is a selection of equipment that has passive bonuses against dragons, as well as Nodon dragonkin (with the exception of Kerapac, the bound). They are also required to break through the metallic armour of rune dragons.

Dragon bane melee equipment[edit | edit source]

Dragon bane melee equipment consists of tier 79 melee weapons and a shield, which require level 80 Attack and level 80 Defence to use, respectively. They are smithed using bane longsword + 4, bane off hand longsword + 4, a bane 2h sword + 4, or a bane square shield + 4 and draconic visages at an anvil with level 80 Smithing. Unlike regular bane equipment, dragon bane equipment can be augmented.

When using dragon bane melee equipment in both hands (dual wielding, main-hand plus shield, or two-handed sword), damage against dragons is increased by 25%. This makes these weapons very powerful against dragons, outclassing all other melee weapons in terms of raw damage due to the damage boost. However, it is important to note that these weapons provide no boosts to hit chance, and since most dragons are resistant to melee attacks, they may struggle with accuracy. Although dragon bane weapons can be used to break through the metallic armour of rune dragons, it is not recommended to kill them with melee since they fly up and become invulnerable to melee attacks after their armour breaks.

The dragon bane square shield has a different effect. When equipped, adjacent dragon targets that hit the wearer have reflect damage dealt in the same manner as armour spikes - damage equal to Smithing level, doubled; this can be stacked with armour spikes. In addition to the reflect damage, the shield also provides protection against from dragonfire attacks.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Dragon bane longsword.pngDragon bane longsword80Slash967.81876---------
Dragon bane off-hand longsword.pngDragon bane off-hand longsword80---Slash483.91876------
Dragon bane 2h sword.pngDragon bane 2h sword80Slash1765.71876---------
Dragon bane square shield.pngDragon bane square shield80------375.2350----
Augmented dragon bane longsword.pngAugmented dragon bane longsword80Slash967.81876---------
Augmented dragon bane off-hand longsword.pngAugmented dragon bane off-hand longsword80---Slash483.91876------
Augmented dragon bane 2h sword.pngAugmented dragon bane 2h sword80Slash1765.71876---------
Augmented dragon bane square shield.pngAugmented dragon bane square shield80------375.2350----

Dragon bane ammunition[edit | edit source]

There are two distinct types of dragon bane ammunition:

Dragonbane arrows and dragonbane bolts are tier 60 ammunition that can be used with any crossbow or bow, and can only be created after completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat. The arrowheads and unfinished bolts can be smithed from dragonbane bars only on Kethsian anvils located on the Isle of Sann and Mount Firewake, requiring level 80 Smithing to do so.

While fighting dragons, dragonbane ammunition deals 25% more damage with abilities, 40% more damage with auto-attacks (including Legacy Mode), and increases hit chance by +30%. Unlike dragon bane melee weapons, you do not need to have both hands full with dragonbane-using items to gain these passive bonuses.

Dragonbane ammunition is very effective for boosting accuracy against dragons. The hit chance bonus is additive to the final hit chance, which means that it can easily make lesser weapons 100% accurate even against stronger dragons like hydrix dragons or the Queen Black Dragon.

In terms of damage, dragonbane arrows and bolts provide roughly equivalent damage to tier 80 ammunition. However, if a main-hand crossbow with dragonbane bolts is combined with an off-hand thrown weapon that doesn't use ammunition (such as Off-hand Elite Death Lotus darts) the maximum damage - and damage per second in general - significantly increases to exceed even tier 92 weapon damage (see dragonbane bolt#Effectiveness for calculation).

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Dragonbane bolt.pngDragonbane boltsBolt576----------
Dragonbane arrow.pngDragonbane arrowsArrow576----------

Jas dragonbane arrows are tier 95 arrows that can be used with any kind of bow, including chargebows. They are created by charging dinarrows with resonant anima of Jas (tradeable or untradeable), requiring level 95 Fletching to do so.

When fighting dragons, Jas dragonbane arrows cause all attacks to deal +30% more damage, with +20% increased hit chance. Every hit causes one arrow to be consumed.

Although these arrows get used up very quickly and can be quite expensive to use, they are extremely powerful and by far the strongest option for fighting dragons in terms of both damage and accuracy, especially when paired with a hexhunter bow, which many dragons are susceptible to as well.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Jas dragonbane arrow.pngJas dragonbane arrows-912----------

List of monsters[edit | edit source]

Dragon bane effect

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 19 May 2014 (Update):
    • Dragonbane ammo now takes effect against the Queen Black Dragon.