Dragon Rider armour

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Dragon Rider armour equipped (male).png

Dragon Rider armour is a full set of hybrid armour that requires level 70 Defence to equip. The set is notable for providing the highest Prayer bonus for any item in each of its armour slots. While the armour was released alongside the One of a Kind quest, both the Dragon Rider gloves and Dragon Rider boots were released alongside the rework of the King Black Dragon.[1] A Dragon Rider kit is used to upgrade the gloves and boots to their superior versions, aligning their stats with the rest of the Dragon Rider set.

Concept art of the Dragon Rider armour.

The remaining pieces of the armour set, namely the helm, body, chaps, and cape, are dropped by Celestial dragons which are accessible after the completion of the One of a Kind quest. Additionally, the Dragon Rider amulet is rewarded on the completion of the quest.

Players have a 1/1,024 chance to roll the Dragon Rider equipment table, and each piece has the same chance to be rolled. Therefore, players have a 1/5,120 chance to get a specific Dragon Rider item.[2]

To store the set in an armour case in a costume room of a player-owned house, the boots and gloves must be the superior version. The amulet is not required or possible to be stored with the set.

Components and bonuses[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Dragon Rider helm.pngDragon Rider helm70-196.6-7---380,068
Dragon Rider amulet.pngDragon Rider amulet [EQ 1]-81--1030.230.230.2500,000
Dragon Rider body.pngDragon Rider body70-226-10---779,458
Dragon Rider chaps.pngDragon Rider chaps70-216.2-7---1,212,321
Dragon Rider cape.pngDragon Rider cape70-29.4-6---389,214
Dragon Rider gloves.pngDragon Rider gloves60-36.6-2---294,885
Dragon Rider boots.pngDragon Rider boots60-36.6-2---575,314
Superior Dragon Rider gloves.pngSuperior Dragon Rider gloves70-49.1-3---3,128,098
Superior Dragon Rider boots.pngSuperior Dragon Rider boots70-49.1-3---3,408,527
TotalsWith superior replacements
  1. ^ Given as a reward for completing One of a Kind; the price shown is the reclaim cost if lost.

References[edit | edit source]

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