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In general, the most desired skills to train during Double XP Live are those which take both time and money to train. Training these skills during the event cuts both the time and cost in half, making them the most beneficial. The top skills that benefit from this event the most are: Construction, Crafting, Herblore, and Summoning. These are considered "buyable" skills: skills that require a certain amount of money to train. In a sense, you're "buying" the experience because you're buying the supplies to train them.

After the announcement of an upcoming Double XP Live event, players often prepare their accounts in order to maximise efficiency and experience gains. With the addition of the "pause" function players who are able to put in a large amount of play time during the event may wish to consider using pauses alongside training with Double XP Live to complete efficient repeatable events to maximise experience gains.

Preparing for Double XP Live[edit | edit source]

Players may wish to consider doing the following activities in the build up to Double XP Live:

  • Engaging in money-making activities to be able to afford resources and other desired items; this is particularly helpful when planning on training expensive skills like Herblore and Construction.
  • Stocking up on large amounts of skilling resources through the Grand Exchange (e.g. unfinished potions to train Herblore).
  • Buying portable skilling stations.
  • Crafting untradeable signs of the porter to automatically teleport items you gathered (e.g. ores from Mining and logs from Woodcutting) to the bank. This reduces the time wasted on travelling to a bank and back to the training area.
  • Collecting divine locations, as both resources and experience can be gained at a faster rate than traditional methods, at the cost of having a daily limit of how many items can be obtained from these locations. It may also be a good idea to stock up on vis wax, which can be used to extend the daily limit by up to 100%.
  • Upgrading weapons and combat equipment to maximise experience gains when training combat skills.
  • Joining clans and skilling in the clan citadel to get a skilling boost. This provide a base 3% bonus experience for clan members, plus 1% for each fealty rank, up to +3%, for a total of 6%.
  • Playing Treasure Hunter for a chance to obtain protean items and other sources of bonus experience.
    • Earning keys by completing quests and daily challenges, or buying them using real-life currency or oddments. You can take advantage of buying multiple Treasure Hunter keys with oddments when they are on 50% sale. For rares and very rares, you will net gain oddments if you convert those prizes to oddments if you purchased the keys at 50% off oddments. You spend less oddments to buy a key than if you convert rare or very rare prizes back to oddments.
  • Pre-planting Farming patches so that they can checked for Farming experience during Double XP Live.
  • Optimising your block/preferred Slayer tasks and saving up Slayer points to skip tasks with lower experience rates.
  • Some players also choose to invest money into the market, taking advantage of the fluctuating prices of skilling supplies.

Experience Boosts[edit | edit source]

There are a few helpful XP boosts that can be obtained to further increase experience gained during Double XP Live:

During the event players may wish to strategically train at certain locations and worlds to maximise efficiency using these bonuses. Skilling at crowded locations where portables are often deployed, stacked, and shared by many other players can greatly increase experience gains - players can check pages for each portable to see a list of worlds where that portable has been deployed. In worlds where many players skill at the same time, there's also a higher chance of others popping pulse cores which will give one between 2 and 10% bonus experience. Players often train at the bank in Burthorpe or at the Market in Lumbridge, where one can expect other players to release portables and divine locations.

Alternatively, some skills such as Hunter and Slayer may hinge on the availability of a less crowded world.

Protean items[edit | edit source]

Saving protean items for Double XP events is strongly encouraged, due to their fast experience rates and low inputs. Some are better than others for training:

  • Protean trap - useful for high-level hunter such as trapping carrion jadinkos. Experience rates can exceed 1 million Hunter experience an hour with very low input
  • Protean plank - useful for having a stack of planks to never need banking nor a butler to train. Also, using protean planks on a portable workbench with a flatpack depacker allows up to 60 flatpacks to be made at once with very low input and great experience rates
  • Protean hide - great for training Crafting while being very cost effective. Because the hides stack in the inventory, a full inventory of finished products can be made to be very low input, but have great experience rates, all while having 0 input costs besides the protean hides.
  • Protean logs - have two separate uses: Fletching and Firemaking. Fletching allows for good training with low inputs; however, Fletching training isn't extremely expensive with making rune arrows. Firemaking allows for less input than traditional firemaking training, while also offering some of the highest experience rates for the skill.
  • Protean bar - due to its low input and free cost, protean bars are a great alternative to Smithing training while offering fast experience rates.
  • Protean memory - players are advised against using these due to the slow experience rates attained from using them. At levels 95-99, you can only expect around 150,000 base experience per hour, which can be obtained in other training methods for Divination. Unless low input training is needed, there are more efficient ways to train Divination, described below.
  • Protean cog - highly advised against using due to their slow experience rates compared to normal training of Invention. Because Invention is trained alongside other skills and earns very fast experience with combat, Protean cogs are strongly discouraged unless Invention is a high priority with no other methods available

Players can convert protean items into any other protean item using the right-click 'Convert' option, at a 3:2 ratio.

Elite training dummies[edit | edit source]

Because of their fast experience and low input requirements, it is highly recommended to save all elite training dummies to use during Double XP Live. Combat training dummies can be useful if low input combat experience is needed, but training combat normally can often be much faster experience than using dummies.

Training during Double XP Live[edit | edit source]

Agility[edit | edit source]

All agility courses across Gielinor offer twice the normal experience during this event, making these the best option for consistent experience gain. If you wish to use Silverhawk feathers to train, the cost will essentially be cut in half due to the feathers offering double the normal amount of experience. Silverhawk feathers are most commonly used during Double XP Live due to the increased passive Agility experience earned.

Archaeology[edit | edit source]

Archaeology experience works slightly differently than most skills during this event. While base experience gain is doubled for excavating and screening soil, experience gained from restoring artefacts is the same. However, your base precision is doubled, allowing artefacts to be excavated at twice the original speed. Although it uses more materials, the experience rate is essentially doubled due to receiving twice as many artefacts per hour.

Combat skills[edit | edit source]

Since all combat skills are trained in the same ways, their training methods are all the same. Depending on your play style, certain methods can be faster than others. Possibly one of the fastest methods for combat experience is killing monsters in The Shadow Reef. If you focus solely on the weak mobs (also called "trash mobs"), they offer the most experience. After finishing them off and completing the area where Bossy McBossFace spawns, teleport out, re-supply, then start over. This can offer over 1 million base combat experience per hour before boosts, making combat experience extremely fast during Double XP Live.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Buying planks before Double XP Live is highly recommended, as the price of planks normally increases during the event due to the increased demand. Training Construction in a player-owned house offers twice the normal amount of experience during the event. Also, portable workbenches can be used near a bank to eliminate the need for banking or using a butler. One of the most passive ways to train Construction is using protean planks on portable workbenches alongside a flatpack depacker to automatically destroy the flatpacks produced. This allows you to create 60 flatpacks without further input.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Using a portable range while cooking gives up to 21% more cooking experience, while also offering a 5% chance to double and bank the cooked food. Using these alongside the doubled experience gain from the event is the best way to maximise experience gain while training Cooking.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The best standard way to train Crafting is crafting dragonhide to make dragonhide armour. This is normally fairly expensive, especially around Double XP Live due to the increased demand for supplies and decreased demand for the finished armour. However, protean hides are also one of the best methods to train Crafting. Using hides to make the highest level armour available to the player maximises the gain from the hides.

An alternative way to gain Crafting xp is to train the skill in clan citadel since you do not need raw materials to craft and you do not need to deposit finished products, experience gained in the citadel is affecting by Double XP Live.

Divination[edit | edit source]

Train Divination in the Hall of Memories for increased experience. Join the friend's chat "corehunting" to find specific worlds that have memory buds in order to maximize experience gain. Since the majority of experience is gained from handing in memory jars into the unstable rift, the experience timer can be paused while filling an inventory of memory jars and resumed during handing in to maximise experience gain. This uses very little time on the Double XP Timer and rewards a much higher amount of experience.

Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

During Double XP Live it is often easier to find other players to team up with to complete floors, especially in populated worlds, and having a bigger team normally increases the experience gain by making each floor much faster. Also, sinkholes offer increased experience during this event, and are normally one of the most advantageous ways to train. Experience gained from discovering a resource dungeon is doubled by the event, so players can maximise this by uncovering them during Double XP Live.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Since farming relies on waiting until trees and animals are done growing, it is best to save fully grown trees until the start of Double XP Live to harvest them. This way, the experience gain is doubled. Doing consistent farm runs to each farming patch will allow the player to maximise on the extra farming experience during the event. Growth potions could be used to speed up growing times. If using growth potions, they are best used in Prifddinas whilst the Voice of Seren is active in the appropriate district. If the player has any crystal acorns the 50,000 experience gained from planting them is affected by Double XP Live so it is a good idea to save these to use in the event.

Many trees can be regrown in the timespan of Double XP Live, so it makes sense to harvest and replant as early as possible, and not use up all Double XP time too early.

Firemaking[edit | edit source]

Stocking up on logs before the event starts allows players to not worry about restocking and allows them to continuously train Firemaking for increased experience. Protean logs also offer increased experience gain during this event.

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Due to Fishing being a gathering skill, there is no efficient way to train it during this event. The best way to take advantage of the increased experience gain is to simply train the skill at the spot with the best experience rates per hour available to your level.

Fletching[edit | edit source]

Some of the fastest ways to train Fletching involve using arrowheads (normally either broad arrowheads or rune arrowheads) with arrow shafts for extremely fast experience. However, arrowheads have a fairly low buying limit in the Grand Exchange at 10,000 per 4 hours. Since players can make around 50,000 completed arrows per hour, it's highly recommended to stock up on supplies long before the event starts to ensure you don't run out of supplies.

Herblore[edit | edit source]

Since Herblore is normally considered an expensive skill, it is best to train it during this event to capitalise on the bonus experience. Making the highest level potion possible will make the most of your experience timer. Making potions on a portable well will help recoup some of the cost of supplies, alongside the modified botanist's mask and the scroll of cleansing to aid you in your training.

The Herby Werby Distraction and Diversion is one of the only D&Ds that is affected by Double XP events, therefore it is highly recommended to complete this activity during the Double XP event. Since the weekly resets happen on Wednesday, it is possible that one could do this twice during this event: the first being on the start of the event (on Friday) and the second being the reset on Wednesday. With the use of a weekly D&D reset tokens, players can complete this D&D up to four times during the event; two before the weekly reset, and two after. The helpful experience boosts above apply on the XP gained in this D&D activity. While the activity requires you to unequip your weapons, a weapon with wise can be re-equipped upon entry for a small XP boost.

Hunter[edit | edit source]

By far the most popular way to train during Double XP Live is to use protean traps on the north-west part of Anachronia to capture carrion jadinkos. As they provide some of the best XP rates in the game during Double XP Live, every world usually has 1 or 2 players competing for catches resulting in lower experience per hour for all involved. A great alternative is to hunt aquatic jadinkos just east of the base camp or west of the liverworts. They require juju hunter potions and you must apply this once every 30 minutes to the nearby red vine blossoms or you will not be able to capture the jadinkos. Despite the slight increase in effort, these are usually much less fought over than carrion jadinkos.

Invention[edit | edit source]

Invention experience gains are not doubled in the same way as other skills during Double XP Live; instead the rate at which augmented items gain experience is increased by 150%. Invention is best trained alongside other skills, therefore it is not ideal to focus your efforts to train Invention during Double XP. If Invention is needed, killing monsters in The Shadow Reef with augmented gear is the fastest way to get item XP in augmented items. This is also incredibly fast combat experience, and is the fastest way to train combat during this event as well.

Discovery of new Invention items from the Inventor's workbench also gives 150% experience during Double XP Live. It is often best to wait to unlock them during Double XP for the increased experience. If players have access to extreme invention potions, these can be used to boost a player's level by +17 for 6 minutes. This can be used to unlock blueprints for items that are up to 17 levels higher than the player's current Invention level, allowing all blueprints for the skill to be discovered by level 103. Extra experience is also awarded if the unlock pattern is discovered perfectly.

Mining[edit | edit source]

As Mining is also a gathering skill, it is not ideal to train on Double XP unless you really need the experience. However, power-mining ore that offers the best experience at your level is the most efficient way to train this skill.

Prayer[edit | edit source]

Prayer is not recommended to be trained during Double XP, unless your method is through cleansing crystals. Offering bones at alters in player-owned houses is considered one of the best training methods, and this is unaffected by Double XP events; therefore, cleansing crystals are the only viable method affected by Double XP. Cleansing crystals are much more passive since there is no banking involved, so it is a great alternative to train while doing something else.

Runecrafting[edit | edit source]

Runecrafting through the Abyss is strongly discouraged during this event due to the demonic skull being available to players instead. The increased base experience rates from the demonic skull do not stack with Double XP Live; therefore experience rates outside and during the event are nearly identical when running through the abyss. Runespan experience is doubled.

Slayer[edit | edit source]

Specific slayer tasks offer better experience rates than others, so saving up Slayer points to use to skip slower tasks can be helpful for maximising experience gained during this event.

Also, squishing corrupted scarabs daily can gain a considerable amount of Slayer experience across the 10 days of the event. Join the friends chat "soulobby" in order to track the obelisks and scarabs that spawn in Menaphos to quickly find a spawn of scarabs every day.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Smithing training comes down to whether or not you wish to spend money training the skill. One of the fastest ways to train Smithing is smithing Elder rune armour set + 5s into the Burial Forge for maximum experience. However, this is very costly, and is only recommended for players who wish to spend the money. Upgrading elder rune armour sets into higher levelled sets is a good way to earn experience while spending very little, if no money to train Smithing. Protean bars are also very useful here due to their low input and free cost.

Training smithing at worlds 58 and 70 can take advantage of nearly-constant pulse and cinder cores going off from other players and active luminite injector inside the Artisan's workshop.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

Summoning is one of the most beneficial skills to train over Double XP Live. Training during the event allows players to save time gathering the charms, money in gathering supplies, and time making the pouches and gaining experience.

During Double XP Live, there is often a portable deposit box in popular training worlds in order to deposit completed pouches to the bank. In order to take advantage of this, bring a noted stack of tertiary ingredients needed for the pouches you plan to make. Sell them to the store next to the obelisk, then buy them back for a minimal GP loss in order to un-note them, then make your pouches and deposit them. This saves a massive amount of time when training the skill, making it one of the fastest and most useful skills to train across the event.

Thieving[edit | edit source]

Safecracking is one of the most efficient methods to train Thieving, especially during Double XP. Alternating between multiple spots and creating a loop will offer the best experience rates for your level. This skill is often not trained during Double XP events due to the experience rates being so high normally, as well as being free to train.

Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

As Woodcutting is also a gathering skill, it doesn't have any extremely fast methods to train it. The best method to train Woodcutting during Double XP is simply to use whatever method you would normally use to gain twice the normal experience rate.