Doric's Task II

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This article is about the miniquest. For the achievement, see Doric's Task II (achievement).
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Doric's Task II is Doric's second task as part of the Doric and Boric tasks.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Attack of the trolls[edit | edit source]

Speak to Doric asking if he has anymore smithing tasks and he will ask if you want to help Burthorpe fight the trolls. Accept his offer, and he will tell you that Commander Denulth is looking to lead another assault on the trolls and that he has asked Doric & Son to provide some equipment for his troops: 2 steel chainbodies. Smith 2 steel chainbodies (costing 10 bars total) at any anvil and deliver them to Commander Denulth in the camp north-east of the Burthorpe lodestone. Don't make the armour before taking the quest otherwise Commander Denulth will be angry and say "you need armour you made yourself".

Denulth will be pleased with the armour, but a soldier will teleport in and explain that the trolls have attacked and one of the cannons has been damaged, saying that the barrel has been ruined. Commander Denulth tells his soldier to return to his post and the soldier teleports out. Commander Denulth will then say he has another task for you, telling you to return to Doric to learn how to repair the cannon barrel. Talk to Doric, and he will then show you how to make one. Make a cannon repair part using 2 bronze bars – this must be done at Doric's anvil (you cannot make this item using bars stored in your metal bank; you must take them from your metal bank or have them in your inventory).

Return to Burthorpe and run to the castle just north of the Burthorpe lodestone. Take the ladder outside the castle or climb up the stairs to the very top. Repair the broken (middlemost on the northern side) cannon and return to the commander to tell him you have completed the repair, and he will thank and reward you.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Doric's Task II is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests:

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  • patch 23 April 2019 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue preventing some players from being able to progress in Doric's Task II.