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The Dorgeshuun quest series is a series of quests centring around the discovery of the Dorgeshuun goblin tribe and the H.A.M. group's ongoing plans to eradicate them.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Goblin Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

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The player first encounters Grubfoot in this quest, and is introduced to the Goblins of Goblin Village, members of the Thorobshuun and Garagorshuun tribes, though not under those names.

The Lost Tribe[edit | edit source]

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The player is informed by Sigmund that there has been some sort of accident involving the cellar of Lumbridge Castle. After talking to certain people around Lumbridge, the player is told that goblins with big eyes broke through the cellar wall. After investigating a hole in the cellar wall and finding a brooch with arcane markings, the player is told to go to Varrock and ask Reldo about it. From a book about goblin tribes, the player concludes that the brooch was dropped by a member of the Dorgeshuun tribe. When reporting this to Sigmund and the Duke of Lumbridge, the player is told by the Duke to go and talk to the goblins in Goblin Village about the Dorgeshuun (against Sigmund's protests, because he wants to declare war on them). The player does so and is told about the history of the goblins and awarded two new emotes: Goblin Salute and Goblin Bow. The player finds their way through the tunnels under Lumbridge to a mining area, and meets a goblin called Mistag. Mistag is very scared of the player at first, but when the player uses the Goblin Bow emote, Mistag relaxes and realises the player is a friend. Although the Duke wants to establish diplomatic relations with the goblins, Sigmund still wants them all dead. Then a set of silverware belonging to the Duke is stolen. The player finds out that Sigmund stole it, as he was hoping to pin the blame on the goblins. It is also learnt that Sigmund is part of an organisation called Humans Against Monsters (H.A.M). Sigmund is dismissed and the Duke and the goblins meet and become friends. Also, the player is given access to the goblin mine and a goblin called Kazgar to show the player a safe way to the mine.

Death to the Dorgeshuun[edit | edit source]

The player is asked by Mistag if they could help out the goblins. They want one of their agents to go onto the surface and investigate the H.A.M (Humans Against Monsters) cult. The player, after getting two full sets of H.A.M. robes, gives one to the goblin agent, Zanik, and escorts her onto the surface. For some reason, she has a strange mark in her forehead, but is very secretive about its meaning, and insists to talk about it after the player finishes showing her the surface. After talking to a lot of people around Lumbridge, as well as normal surface goblins, Zanik tells the player that she got the mark on her head by drinking Tears of Guthix, and that Juna told her it means she was meant for great things. When the mark starts to shine, Zanik should immediately go see Juna. Then the player and Zanik investigate the H.A.M. hideout. Zanik spots a hidden trapdoor and she and the player kill the guards there (Zanik is a ranger who uses a bone crossbow). The player and Zanik listen behind a door to a group of cultists (with Sigmund and Johanhus Ulsbrecht leading the meeting) talking about destroying the goblins. The player is unable to hear their plot, but Zanik is able to. However, just as she's about to reveal the plan, the pair is caught by the guards. Because the player is human, the xenophobic cultists don't kill them. Instead, the player ends up in prison. Once the player gets out, they find Zanik's corpse outside the entrance to the hideout, with the mark on her forehead shining brightly. Zanik was tortured to death by the cultists. Remembering what Zanik told the player, the player takes Zanik's body to Juna, who revives her using Guthix's tears. Then Zanik tells the player about what she heard: a plan to kill the goblins by flooding their caves using water from the River Lum. To do this, Sigmund planned to dig under the Lum using a powerful drilling machine of dwarven technology bought from the dwarves. The machine is located in a dug-out cellar below the house of Seth Groats. The player and Zanik disguise themselves as H.A.M members, and the player smuggles Zanik into the cellar. There, they confront Sigmund, who uses Protect from Melee, and his helpers. The player kills his helpers first, then Zanik attacks Sigmund with her crossbow. Sigmund switches to Protect from Ranged and the player, using either magic or melee, finishes him off - but not forever, as he is wearing a Ring of Life, which takes him to an unknown location. The machine is then destroyed by the player. For this service, the player is allowed access into Dorgesh-Kaan, the Dorgeshuun goblin city under Lumbridge.

Another Slice of H.A.M.[edit | edit source]

At the start of this quest, the player talks to one of the Elders of the Goblins and a dwarven ambassador to learn they are building a tunnel between Dorgesh-Kaan and Keldagrim for a train line, but some artefacts have been found in the tunnel and the goblins want to learn more about them. None of them are qualified archaeologists, however. Enter the player, who is. The player digs up and cleans six artefacts, each of which is identified by Zanik, except for one, an ancient mace. After the player talks to the goblin scribe, Oldak, they are sent to Goblin Village, where it is identified as a holy goblin mace. Then Grubfoot steps in and tells the goblin generals, who were talking with the player, that he had a dream that Zanik was the Chosen Commander, a goblin who would lead the goblins to victory over the world. He says that he dreamed her speaking to goblins from all over the world. Although they don't have goblins from all over the world, Zanik is asked to speak to all the goblins in the village. When she does so, the goblins are attacked by a pair of H.A.M assassins using magic and ranged. The player finishes them off and Zanik is kidnapped by Sigmund, who very stupidly tells the player where she is being taken: the train line to Keldagrim, via a tunnel dug for the purpose in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. The generals give the player the assistance of two goblin sergeants, who meet the player at the entrance to the caves. At the H.A.M. tunnel, the player leaves the sergeants to fight the sentries and heads off to deal with Sigmund. Sigmund has tied Zanik to the train line, and he is waiting for the train to run her over. This will make the goblins think that the dwarves killed their Chosen Commander, and the two races will wipe each other out. Sigmund boasts to the player that he is untouchable, since he can use all three protection prayers. He turns on Protect from Melee. The player was given the ancient mace, which has a special attack that drains prayer. Once the player uses it, they finish Sigmund off. Then they free Zanik and everything is set right.

Land of the Goblins[edit | edit source]

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Grubfoot, a Goblin Village inhabitant, is trying to get into Dorgesh-Kaan to talk to Zanik but cave goblins won't let him in. With a help of the player, he can pass. Grubfoot will tell Zanik about the prophecy of Bandos. He will explain to Zanik he has had a dream of a beautiful distant land named Yu'biusk to which Zanik must lead the goblins. Grubfoot will explain that he believes a secret lost temple to the Big High War God (Bandos) located far to the west is the key to this new land; the priests there know the way to Yu'biusk. The player goes to the Goblin Cave and finds the entrance to the temple. But the goblin guards won't allow a human to enter. With the help of the Makeover Mage the player makes a goblin potion, that turns the drinker into a goblin. Now the player is able to enter the temple. The High Priest will tell Zanik has been imprisoned because she was disturbing the priests. After rescuing Zanik with the help of one of Oldak's magic spheres the player must return to the temple, where their knowledge about goblin religion will be tested by the High Priest. If the player passes the test, they will be told that a deceased prophet named Snothead knows the way to Yu'biusk. Unfortunately, the long-dead prophet resides in an area restricted to the High Priest. After stealing all keys to the area from each goblin tribe, the player has to fight the undead Snothead. He doesn't know where Yu'Biusk is, so the player has to fight his predecessor. He doesn't know either, and the fighting continues until the fifth priest, Strongbones, tells where Yu'Biusk can be found. The player then travels to Yu'biusk after one of Oldak's machines is attached to the fairy ring in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. Zanik and Oldak go with the player. They find that Yu'Bisk is nothing like Grubfoot's dream, due to Bandos arriving on the plane. Yu'Biusk is completely destroyed. There are only barren rocks and craters left. Also a strange stone box is found. Zanik unfortunately gets sucked into the strange box. The player must hastily return to Dorgesh-Kaan, leaving Zanik. She is rediscovered in The Chosen Commander. In this quest, the H.A.M. is not present, unlike the previous goblin quests.

Hopespear's Will[edit | edit source]

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After Land of the Goblins, the player can return to the Goblin Cave and put the former priests to rest.

The Chosen Commander[edit | edit source]

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Captain Undak, the captain of the Dorgesh-Kaan city guards, tells that some of the children in the local nursery are sick. Their food has apparently been poisoned. After finding out exactly which parts of the food were poisoned and which parts were not, the player needs to confront the human merchant on the marketplace who sold the poisoned food. When fighting the merchant, Zanik suddenly appears from a strange portal and helps the player. After the merchant is dealt with, Zanik will tell the player about what happened after she was sucked into the strange box in Yu'Biusk in Land of the Goblins. The player plays as Zanik in this part of the quest, a unique feature. Zanik was taken to Bandos's throne room by the box. There, she had to escape from the room. When Zanik's story is over, she will kill the H.A.M. merchant against the orders of the city's ruling council. For this, she is banished by the goblin elders. The player will cheer Zanik up, and together head off to a new H.A.M. base north of Ardougne. There, an imprisoned Grubfoot will be found. After freeing him, Zanik and an army of goblins will attack the H.A.M. members. Sigmund, who is also present, will be killed by Zanik. Then, Zanik tries to kill the player. The player stops her, and takes off the pendant Zanik is wearing, which caused Zanik to turn against the player. The goblin high priest who came with the goblin attack group will pick it up and cause an earthquake. Zanik will teleport both her and the player away to a cave. Zanik gets stuck on a ledge, but with the help of the player, she is able to grapple her way across a deep chasm. Back in Dorgesh-Kaan, a strange, unearthly obelisk is found, left behind by the goblin high priest, with markings of Bandos. The markings tell that Dorgesh-Kaan will be destroyed, because Bandos is furious at the Dorgeshuun for leaving the surface when he ordered them to fight in the God Wars. The city council asks the player to make a time capsule to preserve information about the Dorgeshuun for the future. After that, the player helps to repair the power station to the south of the city. Oldak uses some parts of the power station to make Zanik's crossbow. Then, Zanik and the player fight the Bandos Avatar, the transformed goblin high priest who took Zanik's pendant in the H.A.M. base. The avatar will kill Zanik. After the player defeats the avatar with Zanik's crossbow, Zanik will revive again and destroy Bandos' pendant, saving the Dorgeshuun from the wrath of Bandos.

The Mighty Fall[edit | edit source]

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The Mighty Fall serves as an epilogue to the series. During the quest, other Bandosians march on Dorgesh-Kaan and threaten to obliterate the cave goblins unless Zanik gives herself up. The player convinces the Bandosian generals to hold a tournament on Yu'Biusk to decide the cave goblins' fate, in which the player represents the Dorgeshuun. After working their way up through the tournament, the player fights General Graardor. After defeating him, Zanik gets thrown into the ring, and the player chooses her fate. The Bandosians remain on Yu'Biusk, led by Zanik or Graardor depending on the player's choice.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

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Main Locations[edit | edit source]

The quests mostly take place in these areas:

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first quest series with more than two parts to be completed by Jagex.