Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem)

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The Chest located in Dorgesh-Kaan requires 78 Thieving and a lockpick to thieve from. Each chest yields 650 experience. The chest's loot will respawn once every 560 seconds. Switching worlds would allow players to thieve from more chests.

They can be distinguished from the Dorgesh-Kaan Average Chest by their examine text and more gold trimming on it. There are two such chests (1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]) directly over the bank (bottom floor) in the northwest area of the city, although the closest stairs available is in Oldak's house just to the north.

Thieving level78 Thieving-icon.pngThieving XP650 XPRespawn time9m 19.8s
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Getting there[edit | edit source]

There are multiple ways of accessing Dorgesh-Kaan.

Locations[edit | edit source]

1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]
2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US]

Loot[edit | edit source]

Main drop[edit | edit source]

Item Members Quantity Rarity GE price High Alch
Coins_1000.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Coins with rarity 48.4/1000 in quantity 541-2456CoinsF2P icon.png541–2,45648.4/1000541-2,456541-2,456
Uncut sapphire.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Uncut sapphire with rarity 55/1000 in quantity 1Uncut sapphireF2P icon.png155/100084115
Uncut emerald.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Uncut emerald with rarity 70/1000 in quantity 1Uncut emeraldF2P icon.png170/10002,18530
Uncut ruby.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Uncut ruby with rarity 64/1000 in quantity 1Uncut rubyF2P icon.png164/10002,15560
Uncut diamond.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Uncut diamond with rarity 55/1000 in quantity 1Uncut diamondF2P icon.png155/10006,553120
Uncut opal.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Uncut opal with rarity 73/1000 in quantity 1Uncut opalF2P icon.png173/100015612
Uncut jade.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Uncut jade with rarity 61/1000 in quantity 1Uncut jadeF2P icon.png161/100037618
Uncut red topaz.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Uncut red topaz with rarity 75/1000 in quantity 1Uncut red topazF2P icon.png175/100038024
Bullseye lantern (oil).png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Bullseye lantern (oil) with rarity 50/1000 in quantity 1Bullseye lantern (oil) (m)P2P icon.png150/1000987252
Mining helmet.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Mining helmet with rarity 75/1000 in quantity 1Mining helmet (m)P2P icon.png175/1000934540
Frog-leather chaps.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Frog-leather chaps with rarity 63/1000 in quantity 1Frog-leather chaps (m)P2P icon.png163/10002,172540
Frog-leather body.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Frog-leather body with rarity 66/1000 in quantity 1Frog-leather body (m)P2P icon.png166/10002,760600
Iron stone spirit.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Iron stone spirit with rarity 54/1000 in quantity 1Iron stone spiritF2P icon.png154/100027Not alchemisable
Light orb.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Light orb with rarity 69/1000 in quantity 1Light orb (m)P2P icon.png169/10007,608210
Empty light orb.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Empty light orb with rarity 56/1000 in quantity 1Empty light orb (m)P2P icon.png156/1000150High Level Alchemy icon.png150
Cave goblin wire.png: RS3 Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem) drops Cave goblin wire with rarity 60/1000 in quantity 1Cave goblin wire (m)P2P icon.png160/10004,77912
Based on a sample of 1,000 opened.
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Charms[edit | edit source]

1Gold charm.png
1Green charm.png
1Crimson charm.png
1Blue charm.png
Represents a 90% confidence range based on a sample of 1,000 opened.
1 item is dropped at a time.
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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 13 December 2011 (Update):
    • Thieving from this chest in Dorgesh-Kaan now awards coins.
  • patch 10 January 2011 (Update):
    • It is now possible to unlock this chest with lockpicks by using them on the chest.