Dominion Tower II

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Dominion Tower II (#802)
Release date 7 November 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Dominion Tower
Quest None
Duration 02:22
Composer Michael M
Unlock hint
This track unlocks on Tier 1 of the Dominion Tower.
Dominion Tower location.png

Dominion Tower II is a music track that is unlocked when entering any mode at the Dominion Tower (Climber, Endurance, Special, Freestyle, or Spectator).

As entering Spectator or the easy mode of Sunfreet (which does not require other players to be in the tower) does not have any requirements, neither does this track.

his track along with Dominion Tower I, Dominion Tower III, Dominion Tower IV, and Dominion Tower V aren't unlocked in a specific order. All 5 can be unlocked by simply entering any mode, leaving and repeating the process (entering the arena not required; you can exit immediately via the spiral stairs). This may take several tries due to the random ordering giving you the same track more than once upon re-entering. Alternatively, you can simply stand outside the arena and wait for the track to end and the next would automatically be unlocked and begin.