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The Dominion Games were a major Icyene sporting event, with athletes competing in various competitions. Originally held on Hallow, the games were imported to Gielinor when the Icyene arrived - over time allowing other allied races to participate as well. Players are able to uncover its remains in Everlight during Archaeology, most notably in the pages of the Athlete's journal. The Gielinor Games event bears likeness to the Dominion Games.

History[edit | edit source]

The Dominion Games were first held on Hallow, the homeworld of the Saradominist Icyene. The games were mostly used to encourage and develop martial prowess, through events such as sparring, javelin throwing and discus throwing.

After the Icyene arrived on Gielinor during the Second Age, their queen, Efaritay, decided that it would be a good idea to host the games on this new world as well. The reasons for this are unknown, but the athlete Padosan reveals in her journal that she thinks it might be part of the preparation to war.

While the first games held at Everlight in Hallowvale were only open to Icyene, later games were also open to other races, allied or friendly with the Icyene: inclding humans, centaurs and sirens as well as Armadylean aviantese. It is unknown how many games were hosted.

Disciplines[edit | edit source]

The earliest Dominion games held on Gielinor saw several events, thought to be most similar to the events that were held on Hallow:

  • Sparring events in an arena, in which a pelte shield was used. These sparring events originated in wrestling bouts, but quickly progressed into the use of wooden swords and wicker shields.
  • Javelin throwing, showing accuracy over long distances.
  • Discus throwing.
  • Flight-based sprinting events based around both speed and precision, around hoops and pylons.
  • Flight-based marathon events.

When other races started to participate, additional events were founded:

  • Archery for Centaurs, in which accuracy was key.
  • Track races on land for human participants.
  • Track races in the sea for sirens.

Medal Ceremony[edit | edit source]

The first, second and third place participants of each event received a medal in gold, silver and bronze, respectively. Research by the player reveals that this seems to be the source of medal choices in modern competitive sporting events. Medals were handed out on a podium.

Not much is known about earlier winners of each of the events, but it is clear that Padosan had won several medals - among which a medal in sprint, and the Armadylean Mat'ahar'i won one silver medal.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Dominion Games are in various aspects quite similar to the real-life Olympic Games, as evidenced by the use of a Dominion torch and similar disciplines. Additionally, Icyene culture is based on ancient Greece, where the Olympics originated.
  • Lorewise, the Dominion Games seems to have been the inspiration of the Gielinor Games.