Divine impling jar

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"Divine jar" redirects here. For the item that allows switching from hardcore ironman mode to ironman mode, see jar of divine light.
Divine impling jar detail.png

The divine impling jar is the result of successfully catching a divine impling, while also having an empty impling jar. A player needs level 79 Hunter to catch them.

If a player catches an impling without an empty impling jar, they would automatically receive the loot instead.

This jar can be traded in singularly to Elnock Inquisitor for 3 empty impling jars, but this is not recommended due to its high value.

Unlike most impling jars, divine impling jars can yield multiple different items from the same jar.

If a player attempts to cast analyse or disassemble on this item, they will get the message You monster! You can't disassemble a living thing.

Loot[edit | edit source]

100% drops[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity GE price Profit (if buying then looting jars)
Pale energy 1000.pngPale energy80–121Always[1]6,160–9,317Coins 10000.png -31999
Flickering energy 1000.pngFlickering energy80–121Always[1]10,880–16,456Coins 10000.png -27279
Bright energy 1000.pngBright energy80–121Always[1]19,200–29,040Coins 10000.png -18959
Glowing energy 1000.pngGlowing energy80–121Always[1]11,200–16,940Coins 10000.png -26959
Sparkling energy 1000.pngSparkling energy80–121Always[1]19,600–29,645Coins 10000.png -18559
Gleaming energy 1000.pngGleaming energy80–121Always[1]8,640–13,068Coins 10000.png -29519
Vibrant energy 1000.pngVibrant energy80–121Always[1]26,960–40,777Coins 10000.png -11199
Lustrous energy 1000.pngLustrous energy80–121Always[1]12,160–18,392Coins 10000.png -25999
Elder energy 1000.pngElder energy80–121Always[1]24,640–37,268Coins 10000.png -13519
Brilliant energy 1000.pngBrilliant energy80–121Always[1]14,480–21,901Coins 10000.png -23679
Radiant energy 1000.pngRadiant energy80–121Always[1]28,240–42,713Coins 1000.png -9919
Luminous energy 1000.pngLuminous energy80–121Always[1]16,720–25,289Coins 10000.png -21439
Incandescent energy 1000.pngIncandescent energy80–121Always[1]28,240–42,713Coins 1000.png -9919
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m One set of energy is guaranteed per divine impling. The tier of energy depends in part on your Divination level.
2. The column of profits does not account for the value of the empty impling jar.

Main drops[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity GE price Profit (if buying then looting jars)
Pale energy 1000.pngPale energy50–151Uncommon3,850–11,627Coins 10000.png -34309
Flickering energy 1000.pngFlickering energy50–151Uncommon6,800–20,536Coins 10000.png -31359
Bright energy 1000.pngBright energy50–151Uncommon12,000–36,240Coins 10000.png -26159
Glowing energy 1000.pngGlowing energy50–151Uncommon7,000–21,140Coins 10000.png -31159
Sparkling energy 1000.pngSparkling energy50–151Uncommon12,250–36,995Coins 10000.png -25909
Gleaming energy 1000.pngGleaming energy50–151Uncommon5,400–16,308Coins 10000.png -32759
Vibrant energy 1000.pngVibrant energy50–151Uncommon16,850–50,887Coins 10000.png -21309
Lustrous energy 1000.pngLustrous energy50–151Uncommon7,600–22,952Coins 10000.png -30559
Elder energy 1000.pngElder energy50–151Uncommon15,400–46,508Coins 10000.png -22759
Brilliant energy 1000.pngBrilliant energy50–151Uncommon9,050–27,331Coins 10000.png -29109
Radiant energy 1000.pngRadiant energy50–151Uncommon17,650–53,303Coins 10000.png -20509
Luminous energy 1000.pngLuminous energy50–151Uncommon10,450–31,559Coins 10000.png -27709
Incandescent energy 1000.pngIncandescent energy50–151Uncommon17,650–53,303Coins 10000.png -20509
Sign of life.pngSign of life1Uncommon9,033Coins 10000.png -29126
Sign of death.pngSign of death1Uncommon8,852Coins 10000.png -29307
Sign of the porter I.pngSign of the porter I1UncommonNot sold-
Sign of the porter II.pngSign of the porter II1UncommonNot sold-
Sign of the porter III.pngSign of the porter III1UncommonNot sold-
Sign of the porter IV.pngSign of the porter IV1UncommonNot sold-
Sign of the porter V.pngSign of the porter V1UncommonNot sold-
Sign of the porter VI.pngSign of the porter VI1UncommonNot sold-
Portent of life.pngPortent of life1UncommonNot sold-
Portent of restoration I.pngPortent of restoration I1Uncommon871Coins 10000.png -37288
Portent of restoration II.pngPortent of restoration II1Uncommon854Coins 10000.png -37305
Portent of restoration III.pngPortent of restoration III1Uncommon1,274Coins 10000.png -36885
Portent of restoration IV.pngPortent of restoration IV1Uncommon1,898Coins 10000.png -36261
Portent of restoration V.pngPortent of restoration V1Uncommon4,127Coins 10000.png -34032
Portent of restoration VI.pngPortent of restoration VI1Uncommon4,305Coins 10000.png -33854
Portent of restoration VII.pngPortent of restoration VII1Uncommon3,661Coins 10000.png -34498
Portent of restoration VIII.pngPortent of restoration VIII1Uncommon1,409Coins 10000.png -36750
Portent of restoration IX.pngPortent of restoration IX1Uncommon1,506Coins 10000.png -36653
Portent of restoration X.pngPortent of restoration X1Uncommon17,612Coins 10000.png -20547
Nightmare muspah pouch.pngNightmare muspah pouch1Rare43,845Coins 1000.png 5686
Elder charm.pngElder charm1; 5CommonNot sold-
Incandescent energy 1000.pngIncandescent energy820; 970; 1,010; 1,150; 1,217Very rare289,460–429,601Coins 10000.png 251301
1. The column of profits does not account for the value of the empty impling jar.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Motherlode MawN/A Motherlode Maw1RareN/A
Treasure chest (player-owned port)N/A Reward1RareN/A
WythienN/A Wythien1RareN/A