Divine coin

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The place for Hardcore Ironmen to find how many lives they have left in the Items Kept on Death menu. This player bought one divine coin and did not die, resulting in two lives.

A divine coin can be purchased from Mr Ex by Hardcore ironman players. It is not an in-game item, but once purchased grants an extra life. Players can obtain two: the first coin at a total level of 1000, costing 100,000 coins; the second at a total level of 1600, at a cost of 10 million coins. The coin does not appear as a physical item, you simply gain an extra life when you buy one. The amount of lives a player has left can be seen in the Items Kept on Death menu by clicking the 'Death information' button in the lower right corner. The divine coin will be used before the jar of divine light.

To obtain the coin, players with the required skill total should talk to Mr Ex and choose the second option: 'Hardcore Mode'. He then explains that those who fall and carry the divine coin have to present it to whoever they might meet at the end of the line.

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