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A divine blessing appears occasionally when the player has the Brooch of the Gods equipped while training non-combat skills. The blessing lasts for 30 seconds before disappearing and does not move around. Capturing the blessing provides four uncommon or rare materials of a single type, although receiving rare materials is significantly less likely. Clicking the blessing does not interrupt the player's current skilling action. Having an active spirit attraction potion while the blessing spawns will automatically collect the blessing.

Currently, divine blessings can appear under specific conditions when training combat skills, despite the examine text of the brooch referring only to non-combat skills. Currently known instances are:

When a blessing appears, a chat message states: A blessing from the gods appears, interested in your actions.

When a blessing appears with an active spirit attraction potion the folowing message appears instead: A blessing from the gods appears. Your spirit attraction potion allows you to catch it as it spawns.

After having been active for 30 seconds, the spirit disappears with the message: A blessing from the gods disappears before you could receive a gift from it.

If the player has both a grace of the elves and the Brooch of the Gods equipped, it is possible for a Seren spirit to appear alongside a divine blessing.

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A blessing from the gods appears.

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