Divine Storm

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Divine Storm is a spell in the standard spellbook. Casting it requires 60 Magic. It must be cast a total of 100 times inside the Mage Arena before it can be used elsewhere. The fastest method to do 100 casts is to switch to Legacy combat mode and wield a wand and orb/book whilst autocasting the spell for both main hand and off-hand. Using an Avernic wand eliminates the need for air runes, however, the staff and cape obtained from Kolodion's "exam" with 60 Magic (or more) does sufficient damage and has the necessary accuracy to 1-shot the battlemages in the arena most of the time. They respawn quickly enough to need little downtime between casts.

Abilities do not count towards the 100 casts.

On completing the 100 casts, the game chat window will display "Congratulations! You can now cast the Divine Storm spell outside of the Mage Arena."

Cost[edit | edit source]

5Air rune.png200
Combo runes
5Dust rune.png4,790
5Smoke rune.png4,565
5Mist rune.png4,865
Staff of air.png0
Elemental battlestaff.png0
Avernic wand.pngTome of frost.png0

Trivia[edit | edit source]