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Divert is a basic Defence ability that is unlocked by reading the Divert ability codex and requires a shield and level 48 Defence. Similarly to Resonance, Divert will block the next incoming attack, but rather than restoring the player's health, the damage that would have been taken is instead converted to adrenaline. There are some attacks that are unaffected by Divert.

Like Resonance, Preparation affects Divert's cooldown, and Divert shares the same cooldown as Resonance.

Usage[edit | edit source]

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Like Resonance, the amount of adrenaline gained from an attack is dependent on the tier of the shield being used. With a tier 90 shield, every 100 damage blocked generates 0.8% adrenaline. The amount of adrenaline gained from the incurred damage is diminished at 3,000, 6,000 and 9,000+ damage respectively. At these thresholds, less adrenaline is gained.

As it is also a basic ability, normal adrenaline gain occurs when used. This is separate from the damage/adrenaline conversion rate.

The ability's effects mean that Divert is only particularly useful when the player needs a large amount of adrenaline and cannot use adrenaline potions. It is also only effective against monsters who deal very high combat-type damage, like Vorago and Telos, the Warden.

Interactions with damage[edit | edit source]

This section documents examples of how various types of damage interact with Divert.

Against the following typeless damage, will grant adrenaline as usual:

Divert will block damage but grants no adrenaline against the following typeless attacks, which are called soft typeless damage. Other Defence abilities can reduce this kind of typeless damage if Divert can block it.

  • Nomad's autoattack and Soul Blast
  • Vorago's Vitalis-spawning orb
  • Helwyr's damage over time attack
  • The Twin Furies' channelled bomb
  • Telos' uppercut, prayer disabling jump, red shockwaves, So Much Power, weak anima bomb, tendrils, rockfall, and virus
  • Nex: Angel of Death's instant kill pulse bomb, elements quadrant damage, and amalgamation spawn explosion
  • Penance King's attacks and King spawns' explosion
  • Lucien's "You dare attack a god?" attack
  • Normal mode K'ril Tsutsaroth's prayer smash
  • Solak's anima mines and spore bomb follow-up
    • Damage taken from healing Solak's consciousness
  • Astellarn's solar storm
  • Verak Lith's ice, shock, and poison energy

Melee, Magic, or Ranged damage that Divert, other defensive abilities, and most forms of damage reduction cannot affect include:

Before an update in 2019, the following examples belonged in the previous group, ignoring Divert and most forms of damage reduction. Said update changed these attacks to behave as standard melee, Magic, and Ranged damage, allowing them to interact with forms of damage reduction like normal.[source needed]

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