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Sinkholes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sinkholes
Hint Location Map
"Near a slayer cave east of my home." Just outside Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
"In the midst of a battle between humans and gnomes." North of the Battlefield by the Summoning obelisk
"Near a dungeon entrance in the jungle." West of Brimhaven
"Near a town of people who aren't who they seem." Canifis
"Near an altar besides a ghostly town." North-west of Port Phasmatys (Ectofuntus)
"A good vacation spot." North of Oo'glog where the Crimson swifts are
"Where barbarians train for agility." Barbarian Outpost, right behind the Barbarian Assault minigame
"Near an arena, beside a port town." Fight Arena
"Beside a guild for archers." Ranging guild
"Besides a dungeon entrance, south of a port town." North of Mudskipper point
"Place where several famous brothers are" At the gate of the Barrows
"The prayer of Saradomin monks."
"Between a mountain and a place of peace."
The Edgeville Monastery
"Near a cave entrance in a druidic town." Taverley, near the Lady of the Lake
"In a swamps south of a town." South of Lumbridge
"The fisherman's home."
"North of a fishing village."
"South of a fishing colony, where hunters prey." Piscatoris Fishing Colony, next to the summoning obelisk
"Near a flax field where the future is seen." The Flax field, south-east of Seers' Village
"The white knights."
"North of the White Knight city."
Falador Near Gamers' Grotto entrance
"Where the sand start."
"North of a desert town."
Al Kharid, just north of the oasis and Fire Altar
"Town of old Darkness." Draynor Village
"Close to a lighthouse." West of Rellekka, east of Lighthouse bridge shortcut