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Familiarisation[edit | edit source]

Hint to Pikkenmix's location, as given by Pikkupstix Pikkenmix's location Map
I expect off somewhere relaxing. He's been quite busy lately. There are currently no active obelisks.

An obelisk will only remain active for around twenty minutes.

A new obelisk becomes active roughly once every 2 hours.

A dungeon of beasts that crawl near the barbarians. Inside the Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
A camp in the woods with a catapult nearby. Obelisk near Tyras Camp
A farming patch, castle, dock, etc. Obelisk on Etceteria
A rotten town south of a corrupted, shady village. Obelisk north of Burgh de Rott
Near the ever-flagging war. Obelisk near Castle Wars
A place that is Mostly Harmless. On the island of Mos Le'Harmless
A large cave dwelling, full of bustling, small people with pickaxes. I see...a bank! East of the bank in Keldagrim
A large cave dwelling, full of bustling, small people with pickaxes. I see...a boat! South of the bank in Keldagrim
A place where doors talk. First Level, Stronghold of Security, at entrance
Beneath a huge tree in the darkness and roots. Obelisk under Grand Tree at Tree Gnome Stronghold
Between a temple and a lycanthropic town. The obelisk south of slayer tower
Beware the spider's bite, beneath the rocky city. Obelisk by the Deadly red spiders in Varrock Sewers
I spoke to a tree within sight of people crossing a log. Obelisk near the agility course of the Tree Gnome Stronghold
I hope the tortured souls in the jail use the chapel. -or- I hope the poor souls in the prison are allowed in. -or- I wonder if the poor souls in the prison are allowed to visit the chappel. The obelisk near the Chapel East of Rimmington, west of the Port Sarim jail
An oasis, restored yet in ruin. The obelisk near Het's Oasis Entrance, south of the Fire Runecrafting altar
I hope the villagers' defences hold against those zombies. The obelisk in Shilo Village
Near the Heroic Fountain. Obelisk under the Heroes' Guild south of Burthorpe
Northern barbarians have a cosy home. Obelisk south of Rellekka.
North of the city of sickness. Obelisk near the Combat Training Camp
Next to a bridge south of great expanses of danger Obelisk at Edgeville bridge
Near a village of long-eared people. Obelisk at Lletya entrance
North of a fountain of green. Obelisk north of the Ectofuntus
Pass through to thirst. Obelisk by the Shantay Pass
Purple rippling near flying rugs. Obelisk near the Pollnivneach house portal
Seaside infested with Barbarians. Obelisk north-west of the Barbarian Outpost
South of the city of sickness. Obelisk near the Khazard Battlefield
South of the market village. Obelisk south of Draynor Village
Sun, sand, freshly-picked fruit and pretty music. Obelisk near the musician in Catherby
Surrounded by jungle, with drakolith near. Obelisk just north-west of the nature altar on Karamja
The land of the moon people. / Place of the moon people. Obelisk outside the city gates on Lunar Isle
The lava walks, and the rocks talk. Obelisk directly south of the Tzhaar city furnace
The stench of fish is strong here. Obelisk near Fishing Guild bank
Under a white city and through the scorpions. Under Falador in the Dwarven Mine
Within sight of a fishing boat. Obelisk near Port Khazard
What a magical land ..in spite of the talking sheep. Lost city of Zanaris
Yes it is ... no it's not. Yeah, 'tis so! (Neitiznot)


Yes it is ... no it is really not! (Jatizso)

The obelisk on Neitiznot or Jatizso
You must dodge the rocks to reach the summit. Obelisk at Trollheim
Travel through demons and dwarves of chaos, but mind the axes! Obelisk just South of the Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon
He's near some monkeys, I hope they don't fall in the volcano. or

A cheeky monkey and....Oh, my! I hope that volcano doesn't explode.

Top of Karamja Volcano.
Near a cave with knights and worms. Just north-west of the Port Sarim lodestone, Queen Black Dragon entrance.
In a sandy cave. A king scuttles below. Obelisk just inside the entrance of the Exiled Kalphite Hive