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Evil Tree[edit | edit source]

Hints[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l This hint-location combination is never given by Spirit trees before sapling has spawned.

Free to play locations[edit | edit source]

Shooting Star and Evil Tree free-to-play-locations.png

A good route in F2P to find a raised Evil tree:

  1. Teleport to Draynor lodestone, and walk west.
  2. Run south through Draynor.
  3. Use an Invitation box to teleport to Silvarea and run west to earth altar.
  4. Run along the north wall of Varrock to the next location.
  5. Use a skull sceptre to teleport to Barbarian village or use the Edgeville lodestone, and again run to spawn location south of Monastery.
  6. Use a Clan vexillum to teleport to Clan camp and run north along Falador wall to spawn location, or use the Falador Lodestone and run towards the west bank and hole in the west Falador wall.

Doing this route should find you the evil tree in 5-6 minutes.

Current Gamer Knowledge to find a raised Evil tree:

  1. North East of Grand Exchange within the safe zone grass south of wilderness.
  2. North of the Crafting Guild Slight NW of Dark Wizard Tower in any portion of grass not inhabited by a town.
  3. Port Sarim Willow Trees, and Draynor Willow Trees respective locations.
  4. South East towards the lumber yard on the East side of Varrock West towards the red ruptured ground members only minigame.
  5. Southern Falidor Gardening/Farming Patches area around the farmer's house.
  6. West of the mining location that is in between Port Sarim and Rimmington, and includes the North of Player Owned Houses.
  7. Found a few west of the Dwarven Settlement to the North of Falidor the grass that doesn't have a path upon it, just npc muggers.