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Demon Flash Mob[edit | edit source]

A new flash mob spawns every hour. The location is given in the chatbox 15 minutes in advance. However, some of them may not be specific, such as "South of the Wilderness dragons!" If this happens, use the locations below to find out where the demon and his raiding party spawn. A demon symbol is also visible on the world map.

Image Location Call sign Notes
North of West Ardougne. WA

East Ardougne lodestone, and run west.

North of the Poison Waste. PW

Use a crystal teleport seed to Lletya.
South of the Elf Tracker to the west.

Teleport with the Tirwannwn Lodestone, run South.

South of Gu'Tanoth. FH Use Fairy ring code A-K-S.
South-east of the Edgeville Monastery. Edge Teleport with the Edgeville lodestone.
North of Menaphos. NMena Menaphos lodestone then run N out of city gates.
West of the Ruins of Uzer. Uzer Fairy ring code: D-L-Q then run NNE.
South-west of Port Phasmatys. PP Ectophial teleport.
East of the Chaos Temple (Wilderness 11). Run from north Varrock gate.
North of the Boneyard (Wilderness 19-23).

Run from north Varrock gate.

Teleport with the Wilderness Volcano Lodestone.

West of Daemonheim. Beware that this is in the Wilderness.
Ruins (Wilderness 25-28)

Run from north Varrock gate.

Teleport with the Wilderness Volcano lodestone.

South of the Green dragons,
northwest of the Dark wizards (Wilderness 13).
Run from Edgeville.
North-west of Het's Oasis. MTA Al Kharid lodestone, then run north.

The call sign is short for Mage Training Arena.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Demon Flash Mobs used to spawn also in Digsite, Lumbridge Swamp, and Seers' Village in addition to the locations above, but these spawn points have been removed.