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It is currently Week 587: 20 Nov 2019 – 26 Nov 2019. (wrong?)

Distractions and Diversions locations (D&D) is a guide for the mobile events in the Distractions and Diversions game feature. Locations for Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza and Penguin Hide and Seek change every week on Wednesdays (see time).

If you find that this page loads too slowly for you, you may use a lighter version of this page in order to individually load the sections you want.

Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza[edit | edit source]

Current location:Circus (Cooks' Guild) location.png
Tree Gnome
Seers' Village
Al Kharid
Lumber Yard
Varrock - north of Gertrude's house
Days until next: 7 (wrong?)

All locations[edit | edit source]

  1. Seers' Village
  2. Catherby
  3. Taverley
  4. Edgeville
  5. Falador
  6. Rimmington
  7. Draynor Village
  8. Al Kharid
  9. Lumbridge
  10. Varrock - south-east of Lumber Yard
  11. Varrock - south of the Cooks' Guild
  12. Tree Gnome Stronghold - south of the entrance (near the gate)

Note: From Week 13 onwards, the locations repeat the location of Week 1-12. For example, Week 17's location would be Week 5's location (Falador), and for Week 20, the location would be in Al Kharid (Week 8).

Maps[edit | edit source]

Penguin Hide and Seek[edit | edit source]

Main article: Penguin Hide and Seek

Penguin roaming areas[edit | edit source]

Rock (Penguin Hide and Seek).png

By comparing the clues given by Larry or Chuck and the actual penguin sightings, the roaming area of each of the clues can be determined. At different times, different clues may be activated by the same penguin. Sometimes multiple penguins may be activating the same clue.

The information regarding area should not be used as a basis for your search due to the penguins large roaming areas and that they are in different places in each world. However, penguins cannot change costume during the week. The only exceptions to this rule are during the Hallowe'en events, when some penguins change to Pumpguins (Pumpkin penguins), or during the Christmas Events, when some penguins change to Snowguins (Snowman penguins).

Reward[edit | edit source]

template = Calculator:Template/Other/Penguin points
form = ppf
result = ppr
param = 1|Number of Points|0|int|1-50
param = 2|Skill Level|1|int|1-120
param = freezer|Completed Back to the Freezer?|No|check|Yes,No
Penguin Points Calculator
Calculator failed to load
0 Experience Points or 0 Coins

Locations[edit | edit source]

General clue areas are given by Larry, located in the Ardougne Zoo near the penguin exhibit, or Chuck the polar bear after Hunt for the Red Raktuber. However, the penguins' wander area is often extremely large and only limited by obstacles such as water, fences with no openings, and impassible terrain. The invisible penguin respawns every few minutes in any of the 1-point spawn locations. Its movement is not limited by some obstacles, such as water and rough terrain, but is limited by other obstacles, such as trees and walls (similar to Implings). The penguins reset weekly on Wednesdays shortly after 00:00 UTC.

For the week beginning: 20 Nov
No. Spawn area Requirement Type Penguin Points
(after Cold War)
(Click to enlarge)
1 Mage Training Arena None Bush 1 PHS mta.png
2 Kharidian Desert
(East of the lodestone)
None Cactus 1 PHS smokey.png
3 Death Plateau None Rock 1 PHS death.png
4 Draynor Manor None Crate 1 PHS dray.png
5 Rellekka None Rock 1 PHS rellekka.png
6 Jiggig
(South of Castle Wars)
None Rock 1 (2) PHS jiggig.png
7 Piscatoris Hunter area None Crate 1 (2) PHS pisc.png
8 Wilderness
(North of KBD)
None Rock 1 (2) PHS n kbd.png
9 NW Tirannwn
(South of the Elf Camp)
Started Regicide Toadstool 1 (2) PHS elf camp.png
10 SE Tirannwn
Started Mourning's End Part I
Started The Prisoner of Glouphrie
Toadstool 1 (2) PHS lletya.png
11 Keldagrim[1] Started The Giant Dwarf Rock 1 (2) PHS kelda.png
12 Any 1-pt location Started Desert Treasure
Completed Some Like It Cold
Invisible 3 N/A
13 Falador well Completed Hunt for Red Raktuber Polar Bear 1 PHS fally bear.png
  1. ^ This penguin requires Back to the Freezer this week.

Shooting Star[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shooting Star
Viewing a shooting star with a mahogany telescope which shows landing area and approximate time.

Shooting stars fall from the sky in RuneScape approximately every 2 hours in one location on each world. The location may be different in other worlds. When players mine through all layers of the star, they will find a Star sprite. The location of the crash sites are random, although the stars always crash near a mine or bank.

Shooting stars can be viewed through a Telescope which gives a regional location and approximate time of its landing. The telescope can isolate the landing to the following 9 regions:

Asgarnia[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in Asgarnia.
  1. Mining Guild, outside of its exterior north-east corner
  2. Falador mining site, south-east side of the mine, west of Falador, often referred to as the Taverley mine
  3. Crafting guild between the gold rocks
  4. Rimmington mining site south of the copper rocks

Crandor or Karamja[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in Crandor and Karamja.
  1. South Crandor mining site, south-west side
  2. Karamja north-western mining site (Horseshoe mine)
  3. Brimhaven mining site, south of the gold ore rocks by the entrance to the Brimhaven Dungeon
  4. Karamja mining site, west of the Nature altar
  5. Shilo Village mine

Fremennik lands or Lunar Isle[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in the Fremennik Isles and Lunar Isle.

Tip: Bring armour, food and/or prayer potions

  1. Rellekka mining site
  2. Keldagrim entrance mining site
  3. Managing Miscellania mining site
  4. Ladder to the Lunar Isle mine
  5. South of the bridge leading to the Central Fremennik Isles mining site (Neitiznot)
  6. Ladder to the Jatizso mine

Kandarin[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in Kandarin.
  1. Mine for the Coal truck mining site
  2. Fight Arena mining site (north of Yanille's east entrance, often called Port Khazard mine)
  3. South-east Ardougne mining site (north of the Monastery (Kandarin))
  4. Legends' Guild mining site
  5. Between Yanille bank and Wizards' Guild

Kharidian Desert[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in the Kharidian Desert.

Tip: Bring waterskins and Desert gear or an Enchanted water tiara if Crocodile Tears has not been completed.

  1. Outside the Nardah bank
  2. Uzer mining site
  3. Nardah mining site, near vultures on world map
  4. Outside the Al Kharid bank
  5. Duel Arena
  6. Western desert mining site, labelled and referred to as "Quarry" on world map
  7. Al Kharid mining site, north of Al Kharid

Misthalin[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in Misthalin.
  1. Lumbridge Swamp training mining site, near Fishing spot
  2. South-east Varrock mining site
  3. South-west Varrock mining site
  4. North-east of Aubury's Rune Shop, south-east of east bank

Morytania or Mos Le'Harmless[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in Morytania and Mos Le' Harmless.
  1. Canifis bank
  2. Burgh de Rott bank
  3. South of the Mos Le'Harmless bank

Piscatoris, Gnome Stronghold or Tirannwn[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in Piscatoris, Gnome Stronghold and Tirannwn.
  1. Piscatoris mining site
  2. North of the bank at Gnome Stronghold, west of Gnome Stronghold Agility Course
  3. South of the crystal teleport seed destination in Lletya, behind the archery store

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Possible locations in the Wilderness.

Tip: Bring a super antipoison potion and Magic armour for protection from PVP attacks

  1. North Edgeville mining site (level 7) north of Edgeville (Zamorak Mage)
  2. Southern wilderness mining site (level 9) north-west of Edgeville (Skeleton mine)
  3. East side of Wilderness Volcano, (level 22)
  4. Bandit Camp mining site (level 35, Hobgoblin mine)
  5. Lava Maze runite mining site north of the Lava Maze (level 46)
  6. Pirates' Hideout mining site; west of the Mage Arena (level 53)
  7. North of the Mage Arena bank (level 56)

Free to play locations[edit | edit source]

Shooting Star and Evil Tree free-to-play-locations.png
  • Rimmington Mine
  • Crafting Guild
  • West Falador Mining site
  • Mining Guild
  • East Varrock Bank
  • SE Varrock Mine
  • Scorpion Mine
  • Duel Arena
  • Al Kharid Bank
  • South Lumby Mine
  • Champions's guild

Evil Tree[edit | edit source]

Main article: Evil Tree

Hints[edit | edit source]

Hints Possible Locations Map
Due west of a town called Lumbridge South of Draynor Village, near the willow trees
Evil Tree (south of Draynor) location.png
Outside of City you call Varrock North of Varrock Palace, near the Wilderness wall Evil Tree (north of Varrock) location.png
East of Varrock, near Tolna's rift Evil Tree (Tolna's Rift) location.png
Close to a place called 'Draynor' North of Draynor Village, near Draynor Manor Evil Tree (north of Draynor) location.png
South of Draynor Village, near the willow trees
Evil Tree (south of Draynor) location.png
Close to the town you call "Seers" South of the Seers' Village Flax Field, by the Yew trees Evil Tree (Catherby) location.png
Heart of McGrubor's Wood Evil Tree (McGrubor's Woods) location.png
North as the crow flies from Seers' Village North-west of Seers' Village bank Evil Tree (Seers' Village) location.png
East of the house portal in Rellekka Evil Tree (Rellekka) location.png
North as the crow flies from the market of Ardougne Heart of McGrubor's Wood Evil Tree (McGrubor's Woods) location.png
South-west of the Ranging Guild Evil Tree (Ranging Guild) location.png
Close to the home of "Legends" North of Legends' Guild, East of Sorcerer's Tower Evil Tree (Legends' Guild) location.png
South of Legends Guild, Near Ardougne Mine Evil Tree (south of Legends' Guild) location.png
Close to the town you call Yanille North of Yanille Evil Tree (north of Yanille) location.png
South of Tree Gnome Village, West of Yanille Evil Tree (west of Yanille) location.png
On the island known as Karamja Near the nature altar, north of Shilo Village Evil Tree (nature altar) location.png
East of the Teak trees, in the Kharazi Jungle Evil Tree (Kharazi Jungle) location.png
Close to a dungeon entrance and within a tropical jungle Near the entrance to the Brimhaven Dungeon Evil Tree (Brimhaven) location.png
Ape Atoll, near the entrance to Ape Atoll Dungeon Evil Tree (Ape Atoll) location.png
On the southern coast of a tropical island East of the teak trees, in the Kharazi Jungle Evil Tree (Kharazi Jungle) location.png
Ape Atoll, near the entrance to Ape Atoll Dungeon Evil Tree (Ape Atoll) location.png
To the south of a gnome settlement South of Tree Gnome Stronghold, East of the Outpost Evil Tree (south of Tree Gnome Stronghold) location.png
South of Tree Gnome Village, West of Yanille Evil Tree (west of Yanille) location.png
In the lands inhabited by elves Lletya, South of the Magic trees Evil Tree (Lletya) location.png
East of Tyras Camp Evil Tree (Tyras Camp) location.png
Close to a runecrafting altar Near the Body altar, South of the Monastery
Evil Tree (Monastery) location.png
West of Nature altar, North of the Shilo Village Evil Tree (nature altar) location.png
Close to a mine on the outskirts of a city West of Falador Evil Tree (Falador) location.png
South of Legends Guild Evil Tree (south of Legends' Guild) location.png
Close to a large collection of willow trees South of Draynor Village near the willow trees Evil Tree (south of Draynor) location.png
North-west of Seers' Village bank Evil Tree (Seers' Village) location.png
South of Legends' Guild Evil Tree (south of Legends' Guild) location.png
South-west part of Tree Gnome Stronghold, north of Brimstail's cave and east of the bridge Evil Tree (Tree Gnome Stronghold) location.png
By a collection of Yew Trees South of the Seers' Village Flax Field, by the Yew trees Evil Tree (Catherby) location.png
With rare trees and ogres nearby South of Castle Wars (North of fairy ring BKP) Evil Tree (Castle Wars) location.png
West of Oo'glog, East of South Feldip Hills Evil Tree (Oo'glog) location.png

Free to play locations[edit | edit source]

Shooting Star and Evil Tree free-to-play-locations.png

A good route in F2P to find a raised Evil tree:

  1. Teleport to Draynor lodestone, and walk west.
  2. Run south through Draynor.
  3. Use an Invitation box to teleport to Silvarea and run west to earth altar.
  4. run along the north wall of Varrock to the next location.
  5. Use a skull sceptre to teleport to Barbarian village or use the Edgeville lodestone, and again run to spawn location south of Monastery.
  6. Use a Clan vexillum to teleport to Clan camp and run north along Falador wall to spawn location, or use the Falador Lodestone and run towards the west bank and hole in the west Falador wall.

Doing this route should find you the evil tree in 5-6 minutes.

Familiarisation[edit | edit source]

Main article: Familiarisation
Hint to Pikkenmix's location, as given by Pikkupstix Pikkenmix's location Map
I expect off somewhere relaxing. He's been quite busy lately. There are currently no active obelisks.

An obelisk will only remain active for around twenty minutes.

A new obelisk becomes active roughly once every 2 hours.

Familiarisation (Taverley) location.png
A dungeon of beasts that crawl near the barbarians. Inside the Rellekka Slayer Dungeon Familiarisation (Rellekka Slayer Dungeon) location.png
A camp in the woods with a catapult nearby. Obelisk near Tyras Camp Familiarisation (Tyras Camp) location.png
A farming patch, castle, dock, etc. Obelisk on Etceteria Familiarisation (Etceteria) location.png
A rotten town south of a corrupted, shady village. Obelisk north of Burgh de Rott Familiarisation (Burgh de Rott) location.png
Near the ever-flagging war. Obelisk near Castle Wars Familiarisation (Castle Wars) location.png
A place that is Mostly Harmless. On the island of Mos Le'Harmless Familiarisation (Mos Le'Harmless) location.png
A large cave dwelling, full of bustling, small people with pickaxes. I see...a bank! East of the bank in Keldagrim Familiarisation (west Keldagrim) location.png
A large cave dwelling, full of bustling, small people with pickaxes. I see...a boat! South of the bank in Keldagrim Familiarisation (south Keldagrim) location.png
A place where doors talk. First Level, Stronghold of Security, at entrance Obelisk Location Stronghold of Security.png
Beneath a huge tree in the darkness and roots. Obelisk under Grand Tree at Tree Gnome Stronghold Familiarisation (Grand Tree Tunnels) location.png
Between a temple and a lycanthropic town. The obelisk south of slayer tower Familiarisation (Slayer Tower) location.png
Beware the spider's bite, beneath a rocky city. Obelisk by the Deadly red spiders in Varrock Sewers Familiarisation (Varrock Sewers) location.png
I spoke to a tree within sight of people crossing a log. Obelisk near the agility course of the Tree Gnome Stronghold Familiarisation (Tree Gnome Stronghold) location.png
I hope the tortured souls in the jail use the chapel. -or- I hope the poor souls in the prison are allowed in. -or- I wonder if the poor souls in the prison are allowed to visit the chappel. The obelisk near the Chapel East of Rimmington, west of the Port Sarim jail Familiarisation (Port Sarim) location.png
If there's blood on the sand, a victor emerges. The obelisk near the Duel Arena Entrance, south of the Fire Runecrafting altar Familiarisation (Duel Arena) location.png
I hope the villagers' defences hold against those zombies. The obelisk in Shilo Village Familiarisation (Shilo Village) location.png
Near the Heroic Fountain. Obelisk under the Heroes' Guild south of Burthorpe Familiarisation (Heroes' Guild basement) location.png
Northern barbarians have a cosy home. Obelisk south of Rellekka. Familiarisation (Rellekka) location.png
North of the city of sickness. Obelisk near the Combat Training Camp Familiarisation (Combat Training Camp) location.png
Next to a bridge south of great expanses of danger Obelisk at Edgeville bridge Familiarisation (Edgeville) location.png
Near a village of long-eared people. Obelisk at Lletya entrance Familiarisation (Lletya) location.png
North of a fountain of green. Obelisk north of the Ectofuntus Ectofuntus Obelisk
Pass through to thirst. Obelisk by the Shantay Pass Familiarisation (Shantay Pass) location.png
Purple rippling near flying rugs. Obelisk near the Pollnivneach house portal Familiarisation (Pollnivneach) location.png
Seaside infested with Barbarians. Obelisk north-west of theBarbarian Outpost Familiarisation (Barbarian Assault) location.png
South of the city of sickness. Obelisk near the Khazard Battlefield Familiarisation (battlefield) location.png
South of the market village. Obelisk south of Draynor Village Familiarisation (Draynor Village) location.png
Sun, sand, freshly-picked fruit and pretty music. Obelisk near the musician in Catherby Familiarisation (Catherby) location.png
Surrounded by jungle, with drakolith near. Obelisk just north-west of the nature altar on Karamja Familiarisation (Nature Altar) location.png
The land of the moon people. / Place of the moon people. Obelisk outside the city gates on Lunar Isle Familiarisation (Lunar Isle) location.png
The lava walks, and the rocks talk. Obelisk directly south of the Tzhaar city furnace Familiarisation (TzHaar City) location.png
The stench of fish is strong here. Obelisk near Fishing Guild bank Familiarisation (Fishing Guild) location.png
Under a white city and through the scorpions. Under Falador in the Dwarven Mine Familiarisation (Dwarven Mine) location.png
Within sight of a fishing boat. Obelisk near Port Khazard Familiarisation (Port Khazard) location.png
What a magical land ..in spite of the talking sheep. Lost city of Zanaris Familiarisation (Zanaris) location.png
Yes it is ... no it's not. Yeah, 'tis so! (Neitiznot)


Yes it is ... no it is really not! (Jatizso)

The obelisk on Neitiznot or Jatizso Familiarisation (Neitiznot and Jatizso) location.png
You must dodge the rocks to reach the summit. Obelisk at Trollheim Familiarisation (Trollheim) location.png
Travel through demons and dwarves of chaos, but mind the axes! Obelisk just South of the Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon Familiarisation (Taverley Dungeon) location.png
He's near some monkeys, I hope they don't fall in the volcano. or

A cheeky monkey and....Oh, my! I hope that volcano doesn't explode.

Top of Karamja Volcano. Familiarisation (Karamja Volcano) location.png
Near a cave with knights and worms. Just north-west of the Port Sarim lodestone, Queen Black Dragon entrance. Familiarisation (White Knight Camp) location.png
In a sandy cave. A king scuttles below. Obelisk just inside the entrance of the Exiled Kalphite Hive Familiarisation (Exiled Kalphite Hive) location.png

Demon Flash Mob[edit | edit source]

Main article: Demon Flash Mob

A new flash mob spawns every hour. The location is given in the chatbox 15 minutes in advance. However, some of them may not be specific, such as "South of the Wilderness dragons!" If this happens, use the locations below to find out where the demon and his raiding party spawn. A demon symbol is also visible on the world map.

Image Location Call sign Notes
Demon Flash Mob (West Ardougne) location.png North of West Ardougne. WA

East Ardougne lodestone, and run west.

Demon Flash Mob (Poison Waste) location.png North of the Poison Waste. PW

Use a crystal teleport seed to Lletya.
South of the Elf Tracker to the west.

Teleport with the Tirwannwn Lodestone, run South.

Demon Flash Mob (Gu'Tanoth) location.png South of Gu'Tanoth. FH Use Fairy ring code A-K-S.
Demon Flash Mob (Seers Village) location.png South of Seers' Village. Teleport with the Seers' Village Lodestone.
Demon Flash Mob (Monastery) location.png South-east of the Edgeville Monastery. Edge Teleport with the Edgeville lodestone.
Lumbridge Swamp location no longer exists.
Demon Flash Mob North of Menaphos location.png North of Menaphos. NMena Menaphos lodestone then run N out of city gates.
Demon Flash Mob northwest of Menaphos location.png North-west of Menaphos. Mena Bandit camp lodestone then run SSW.
Demon Flash Mob (Uzer) location.png West of the Ruins of Uzer. Uzer Fairy ring code: D-L-Q then run NNE.
Demon Flash Mob (Darkmeyer) location.png South-west of Port Phasmatys. PP Ectophial teleport.
Demon Flash Mob (Chaos Temple) location.png East of the Chaos Temple (Wilderness 11). Run from north Varrock gate.
Demon Flash Mob (Graveyard of Shadows) location.png North of the Boneyard (Wilderness 19-23).

Run from north Varrock gate.

Teleport with the Wilderness Volcano Lodestone.

Demon Flash Mob (west Daemonheim) location.png West of Daemonheim. Beware that this is in the Wilderness.
Demon Flash Mob (Ruins) location.png Ruins (Wilderness 25-28)

Run from north Varrock gate.

Teleport with the Wilderness Volcano lodestone.

Demon Flash Mob (level 13 Wilderness) location.png South of the Green dragons,
northwest of the Dark wizards (Wilderness 13).
Run from Edgeville.
Demon Flash Mob (Digsite) location.png West of the Digsite, south of the crashed gnome glider. Use the Gnome Glider, selecting Lemanto Andra and then run south.
Demon Flash Mob (Duel Arena) location.png North-west of Duel Arena MTA Al Kharid lodestone, then run north.

The call sign is short for Mage Training Arena.

Sinkholes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sinkholes
Hint Location Map
"Near a slayer cave east of my home." Just outside Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. Sinkholes rellekka slayer caves map.png
"In the midst of a battle between humans and gnomes." North of the Battlefield by the Summoning obelisk. Sinkholes (Battlefield) location.png
"Near a dungeon entrance in the jungle." West of Brimhaven. Sinkholes (Brimhaven) location.png
"Near a town of people who aren't who they seem." Canifis. Sinkholes (Canifis) location.png
"Near an altar besides a ghostly town." North-west of Port Phasmatys (Ectofuntus). Sinkholes (Ectofunctus) location.png
"A good vacation spot." North of Oo'glog where the Crimson swifts are. Sinkholes (Oo'glog) location.png
"Where barbarians train for agility." Barbarian Outpost. Right behind the Barbarian Assault minigame Sinkholes (Barbarian Outpost) location.png
"Near an arena, beside a port town." Fight Arena. Sinkholes (Fight Arena) location.png
"Beside a guild for archers." Ranging guild. Sinkholes (Ranging Guild) location.png
"Besides a dungeon entrance, south of a port town." North of Mudskipper point. Sinkholes (Mudskipper Point) location.png
"Place where several famous brothers are" At the gate of the Barrows. Sinkholes (Barrows) location.png
"The prayer of Saradomin monks."
"Between a mountain and a place of peace."
The Edgeville Monastery. Sinkholes (Edgeville Monastery) location.png
"Near a cave entrance in a druidic town." Taverley, near the Lady of the Lake. Sinkholes (Taverley) location.png
"In a swamps south of a town." South of Lumbridge. Sinkholes (Lumbridge Swamp) location.png
"The fisherman's home."
"North of a fishing village."
Catherby. Sinkholes (Catherby) location.png
"South of a fishing colony, where hunters prey." Piscatoris Fishing Colony, next to the summoning obelisk. Sinkholes (Piscatoris Fishing Colony) location.png
"Near a flax field where the future is seen." The Flax field, south-east of Seers' Village. Sinkholes (Seers' Village) location.png
"The white knights."
"North of the White Knight city."
Falador Near Gamers' Grotto entrance. Sinkholes (Falador) location.png
"Where the sand start."
"North of a desert town."
Al Kharid, just north of the oasis and Fire Altar. Sinkholes (Al Kharid) location.png
"Town of old Darkness." Draynor Village.
"Close to a lighthouse." West of Rellekka, east of Lighthouse bridge shortcut. Sinkholes (Rellekka) location.png