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This article is about the discontinued item. For other uses, see Disk of returning (disambiguation).
"Ring of returning" redirects here. For the item called the ring of returning in Old School RuneScape, see ring of respawn.
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Disk of returning can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
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The Disk of returning is a discontinued item that was used to escape The Black Hole in RuneScape Classic. It could be purchased from Thordur for 10 coins. It was discontinued in December 2001 after the removal of Thordur and the Black Hole.

It is the second oldest discontinued item in terms of release date (the oldest being half full wine jug) and the third oldest rare in terms of discontinuation date (next after half full wine jug and pumpkin). Due to their rarity, trade volume is very low on the Grand Exchange which does not allow its market price to update often. As a result, disks of returning's Street value differs greatly from their Grand Exchange value.

Originally, people that were banned were put into a hole and trapped there until their ban was over. A lot of people got themselves banned just to experience the black hole, so a mock "Black Hole" was created and players could leave with the disk of returning at any time. To get out of the Black Hole, players would select the spin option on the disk.

The mock black hole was removed and the disk of returning became discontinued because of a scam that involved convincing players to drop their disk while in the black hole, which trapped them until they were assisted by Jagex. The remaining disks were left in the game, but no longer had any use.

Spin option[edit | edit source]

Before the removal of The Black Hole & Thordur, the disk could be spun which gave the message "you spin your disk of returning". From any part of the world, the player would be teleported into the Black Hole. From the Black Hole, the player would be teleported to the Dwarven Mines (the location of Thordur), and the disk would be consumed.

After December 2001, the spin message only gave the message "The disk will only work from in Thordur's black hole".

The spin option was completely removed with RuneScape 2.

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