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Permanently discontinued items are items that can no longer be obtained in-game. However, some of them are still owned by players who obtained them before they were permanently discontinued, and some of them can still be obtained through trading with other players. Most of these items are now relatively few in number and are very expensive.

For the most part these rares either hold their value or increase in value, like that of a stock, since no more rares will ever enter the economy and the number of discontinued rare items may in fact decrease, for example if a player destroys the item. It was suggested in a live video by Mod Mark that if a player with a large number of rares was banned, consideration would be given to reintroducing the items into the game, possibly via the Grand Exchange.[source needed]

Holiday drops[edit | edit source]

The earliest permanently discontinued rare items entered the game through distribution of unique tradeable items on certain holidays, including Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. For example, during the December 2001 Christmas event Jagex dropped Christmas crackers. These were only dropped on a particular day during December.

When players noticed that Christmas crackers were no longer being dropped and could not be obtained any more except via trading, they started buying Christmas crackers and reselling them at a higher value. In holiday drops following this the items dropped were untradeable. On 22 December 2003 Jagex made an announcement on RuneScape's main page, stating that they were ceasing holiday drops altogether.

On 21 December 2004, Jagex introduced the untradeable yo-yo, which could be obtained by speaking to Santa Claus. The next holiday reward released was the rubber chicken; to obtain this and all future holiday rewards players have had to complete events before unlocking the untradeable reward items.

Tradeable permanently discontinued items 2001-2002[edit | edit source]

This list includes holiday items and other discontinued items that were available between 2001 and 2002, sometimes known as the RuneScape Classic era. Once players realized that the items were no longer obtainable, their prices increased sharply. Because of their unintended monetary value, in 2003 Jagex announced they would no longer release holiday drops. In 2004 they reversed this decision and instead made future holiday items untradeable.

For a list including non-tradeable items, see holiday rewards.

Icon Name Description Release date Discontinuation date
Half full wine jug.png
Half full wine jug During a change in the Cooking skill in June 2001 jugs of wine were changed to have one swig rather than 2. Players who had half jugs of wine at the time of the change were left with the item, which could no longer be obtained. The item still spawned at the Captured Temple but this was replaced with Wine of Zamorak in 2002. 17 March 2001 27 February 2002
Disk of returning.png
Disk of returning Previously in RuneScape there was an area known as The Black Hole, where rule breakers were held. Players could visit this area by purchasing a disk of returning for 10. The disk could then be spun to return from The Black Hole. 12 July 2001 27 February 2002
Pumpkin This item was released in the 2001 Halloween event. Players could pick up pumpkins throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. 31 October 2001 1 November 2001
Easter egg.png
Easter eggs This item was released in the 2002 Easter event. Players could pick up Easter eggs throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. 31 March 2002 1 April 2002
White partyhat.png Blue partyhat.png Green partyhat.png Yellow partyhat.png Red partyhat.png Purple partyhat.png Christmas cracker.png Christmas cracker/Partyhats These items were released in the 2001 Christmas event. Players could pick up Christmas crackers, which were easy and common to obtain at the time of their release, whilst the event existed. Players could pull the cracker to get a partyhat. 25 December 2001 26 December 2001
Red hallowe'en mask.png Blue hallowe'en mask.png Green hallowe'en mask.png Hallowe'en masks These items were released in the 2002 Halloween event. Players could pick up Hallowe'en masks throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. 31 October 2002 1 November 2002
Santa hat.png
Santa hat This item was released in the 2002 Christmas event. Players could pick up Santa hats throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. 25 December 2002 26 December 2002

Tradeable permanently discontinued holiday items 2012-Present[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Release date Discontinuation date
Golden partyhat.png
Golden partyhat A golden partyhat is a discontinued, tradeable rare item that was released as part of RuneScape's 20th Anniversary celebrations. It was created by combining eight golden partyhat shards which were obtained during a six-week period between 22 November 2021 to 3 January 2022. 22 November 2021 3 January 2022

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