Dirty laundry

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Dirty laundry is an item used in the While Guthix Sleeps quest. It can be obtained at a certain point in the quest by speaking to the Khazard launderer near the Fight Arena by either buying it for 5,000 coins or using an Activated Ring of Charos. The laundry is owned by Movario and has been given to the Khazard launderer to be cleaned.

Players later use the laundry to locate Movario's base, using a broav's sense of smell to track where Movario has been.

After the quest, the dirty laundry can still be reclaimed from the Khazard launderer for free, even without the ring of Charos.

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  • During the week of 27 January 2020, dirty laundry was equippable by equipping it from the bank interface, along with a few other miscellaneous items. They had no stats and prevented attack, and were placed in the main-hand slot.