Diamonds of Azzanadra

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The Diamonds of Azzanadra consist of four diamonds that play a role in the Desert Treasure quest. A player must collect all four gems from each of the four guardians (Kamil, Damis, Fareed and Malak) in order to free Azzanadra, a Mahjarrat, from his prison inside the Jaldraocht Pyramid. Each diamond represents an element of the Ancient Magicks, with at least one containing the soul of a now-deceased Mahjarrat particularly gifted in the respective element (this being the shadow diamond[1]), and may be found in locations representative of their elemental influences - either by design or as a testament to the power of the respective diamond. With the exception of the blood diamond, they are obtained by killing each of the guardians after the player has looked into the mystical mirrors to find their locations; the blood diamond is obtained by killing a rival of the guardian rather than the guardian himself.

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  1. ^ Praetor's log page 3, written by Trindine, "The Vault of Shadows", RuneScape. "One of the less dangerous relics is the soul gem of a Mahjarrat who was particularly strong with the element of shadow, housed within a diamond to mask its true nature. We took the idea from the Heart of Tumeken."