Dhar Pei's Vantage

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Dhar Pei's Vantage is an island in The Loop region. The inhabitants of this island are thought of by other Wushanko peoples with a genuine - if occasionally condescending - fondness, and have a reputation for dyspraxia.

Yaonai City is located here.

Player-owned port voyages[edit | edit source]

  • In A Friend Indeed the player sends a ship to befriend the Mainland Ambassador's daughter, stationed near Dhar Pei's Vantage, who may well prove to be a useful ally.
  • In Expansion the player sends a ship to capture a fortified sea bastion belonging to the Mainland Ambassador, near the coasts of Dhar Pei's Vantage. It will be a useful asset.
  • In Smuggling Job the player sends a ship to smuggle weapons belonging to a local khan to his forces within Dhar Pei's Vantage. The player warns their captain to not be caught by the authorities.
  • In I Spy the player sends a ship to spy on the Mainland Ambassador and deliver information to the spymaster in Yaonai City.
  • In The Terracotta Men the player sends a ship after learning the golem twins known as the Terracotta Men are blockading Dhar Pei's Vantage. Drive them off and save the island.
  • In Not Very Orphan the player sends a ship to help a group of sea orphans, exiled from the western island groups, in reaching Dhar Pei's Vantage. They can pay.
  • In A Shocking Do the player sends a ship to help a ship local to Dhar Pei's Vantage, after it was caught in a magnetic storm and its compass scrambled; now they've gone north instead of south. Help them back on course.
  • In They're Bad the player sends a ship after an expedition to Dhar Pei's Vantage from Ardougne has encountered serious difficulties. Help them out before it's too late.
  • In What Went Wrong? the player sends a ship to help after trouble has arisen at a meeting between representatives of Ren Bo and Dhar Pei's Vantage. Get out there and keep the peace.
  • In The Doctor Calls the player sends a ship after learning a sickness afflicting magically-able children has taken hold of Dhar Pei's Vantage. Send a medical expedition to assist.
  • In The Not Beast the player sends a ship to fight the Not Beast after it has risen from the sea between Dhar Pei's Vantage and the Bubble of Mists. Drive it back to the depths before it's too late.
  • In Routefinder the player sends a ship after learning Dhar Pei's Vantage is notorious for accidental shipwrecks off its coast. Survey the area to improve the shipping lanes.
  • In Thank You the player sends a ship to accept the alliance of pirate lord from the outskirts of Dhar Pei's Vantage who has offered his fealty to you.
  • In Rewards of Virtue the player sends a ship after a merchant in Dhar Pei's Vantage, in gratitude for previous aid, has offered you an excellent deal on a small stash of top-quality spices.
  • In Tipping the Scales the player sends a ship after an anonymous tip has revealed that stonescale koi are swarming in huge numbers in the vicinity of Dhar Pei's Vantage. There's profit to be made if you hurry.
  • In A Voyage of Discovery the player sends a captain here to learn how to become a better Tactician.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The island name is a reference to Derpy Hooves, a background character from the animated show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The inhabitants' reputation for dyspraxia refers to Derpy's characteristic clumsiness. The mission "What Went Wrong?" is a reference to one of her lines.