Desha, Guardian of the Hounds

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Desha, Guardian of the Hounds is a miniboss released with The Zamorakian Undercity. He is accompanied by a Hellhound Alpha and a pair of Hellhound Hunters, although they cannot leave the area where Desha is initially found. He will summon Hellhound Hunters to assist him in battle, and will use Ranged to attack from afar until players get within close distance, at which point he will swap to Melee. Occasionally, Desha will use the dragon claws special attack to do rapid melee damage, as well as the abilities Havoc and Massacre. Whenever Desha uses Havoc, he will heal a massive amount of health should the attack hit. On occasion, he will raise his hand, causing a fireball to land on his target, dealing magic damage and disabling protection prayers if the target does not quickly move out of the way.

This mini-boss can be Bound, reducing his effectiveness with Melee attacks. Kiting can be an effective strategy while fighting in solo encounters.

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