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Desert snakes can be found east of the Bandit Camp lodestone, north-east from the Menaphos main gate past the Jaldraocht Pyramid, and around Tumeken's remnant in the Kharidian Desert. Players can also access this area by travelling west from Pollnivneach. A few may also be found near the Menaphite Thug tent in Pollnivneach.

The genie crevice is a convenient location to kill desert snakes as around 15 desert snakes spawn in a contained area. Players require a light source to enter the crevice just west of Nardah. The Desert amulet (levels 2, 3, and 4) can be used to teleport to Nardah.

Desert snakes are similar to other snakes and are non-poisonous. Waterskins or an enchanted water tiara is needed to kill these snakes due to the desert heat. Alternatively, completing Crocodile Tears will make a player immune to desert heat. Desert snakes drop bones. During the Rag and Bone Man wish list miniquest snake spines are also a drop.

Killing desert snakes can also be assigned as a City Quest in Menaphos.

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Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster and skilling action outside of Daemonheim.
These items are dropped alongside main drops.
  1. ^ Only dropped during the Rag and Bone Man wish list

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