Quick guide for Desert Slayer Dungeon

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Note: Warning: The dungeon is full of smoke and players must wear a smoke protection item (like a Facemask, Masked earmuffs or Slayer helmet) or they will periodically suffer damage from the smoke. A Full slayer helmet is most recommended, as it provides protection from the smoke and from the effects of some slayer monsters in the dungeon.

Getting started[edit | edit source]

  • Enter the well in Pollnivneach.
  • Head north past the mighty banshees and pass the mystic barrier to the southwest and climb down the stairs.
  • Mightiest turoth (SW - bottom left barrier)
    • Use Slayer dart and Protect from Melee prayer. If you stand far away from the Mightiest turoth, it will use Ranged-based attacks on you. Ignore the minions.
  • Kurask overlord (NW - top left barrier)
    • Use same strategy as above. If you do choose to use melee, do not forget to bring a leaf-bladed spear or sword.
  • Basilisk boss (SE - bottom right barrier)
    • Use melee and wield the mirror shield.
    • Take a dose of the Super strength potion and Super attack potion or a Combat potion. Use Protect from Magic prayer. Also watch your stats as they will be drained with each attack. Bring a restore potion.
  • Monstrous cave crawler (NE - top right barrier)
    • Use melee and Protect from Ranged prayer. The poison from its ranged attack severely reduces the duration of any antipoison potions, including super antipoison. Every second or third hit poisons the player even with potions. An anti-poison totem will not work. The only way to negate the poison is by using a poison purge aura.

Miniquest Complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Desert Slayer Dungeon reward.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Desert Slayer Dungeon is not currently required for any quests or miniquests.