Desert Mining Camp cave

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The Desert Mining Camp cave is a cave located underneath the Desert Mining Camp. You can reach the cave by using the entrance inside the camp while wearing slave robes. As with the overworld mine, the player must have started The Tourist Trap quest to access this area.

More guards, female slaves, and male slaves are found throughout the mines. A Rowdy slave appear in two places and will attack you if you attempt to talk to them. If you kill a rowdy slave, he drops a slave shirt, a slave robe, and slave boots, which you can use to access the deeper parts of the mines.

Most of the rocks in the mines cannot be mined. Further mines can be accessed by entering the mine entrance doors in the camp. The mine is rich in mithril, adamantite, and necrite rocks, though there are no nearby banks or furnaces. The metal key and wrought iron key are needed to access this area.

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