Dervish robe (pink)

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Dervish robe (pink) detail.png

The pink dervish robe is part of the dervish outfit. The full set is bought for 1,000 Loyalty points from Xuan. Its colour can be changed by reclaiming it from Xuan. This gives no bonuses and is a cosmetic item. The full outfit can be stored in the costume box of a costume room, but it will be reverted back to its original colours. If it is lost, it can be reclaimed from Xuan.

When a player has their gender changed by the Makeover Mage while possessing this, a message will appear in the chatbox that says "The piece of clothing magically changes.", and its gender and appearance will change.

Like most loyalty shop outfit pieces, this can be recoloured by reclaiming it from Xuan. The available colours for this are:

The Dervish robe has an analogous override as part of the dervish outfit. It can be recolored like any other override, but fewer parts get recoloured than in the item form.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]