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A male player wearing demon slayer equipment
A female player wearing demon slayer equipment
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Demon slayer equipment is an experience-boosting set that may be obtained as a reward from a Demon Flash Mob and as a drop from Kal'gerion demons. It requires level 60 Ranged to wield the weapons and 60 Defence to wear the armour. The armour is classified as power armour. Although the crossbows are supposedly level 60 equipment, when used against non-demons they have the accuracy of a level 57 weapon.

The set provides the following effects:

  • A 4% damage increase against demons for each piece worn/wielded, apart from exceptions listed below.
  • 2% additional combat experience gain against demons in the combat style(s) used by the player, apart from exceptions listed below.
  • 1% additional Slayer experience gain against demons, apart from the exceptions listed below.[1]

Despite the valuable effect the set provides, it is nearly next to useless due to the crossbow's relatively low accuracy and damage against demons compared to other high-level weapons. In addition, the armour is classified as ranged equipment, causing accuracy problems when using melee or magic weapons against demons with moderate or high defence.

Each piece of the set worn, while killing demons on a slayer task, will give a 1% increase to Slayer experience gained during the task. Wearing the entire set gives an 8% increase to Slayer experience.

The complete set sans crossbows can be stored in the armour case in a player-owned house.

Exceptions[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapons[edit | edit source]

Main hand weapons[edit | edit source]

Demon slayer crossbow.pngDemon slayer crossbowBolt-1040---82,803

Off-hand weapons[edit | edit source]

Off-hand demon slayer crossbow.pngOff-hand demon slayer crossbow---Bolt-104059,274

Armour[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Demon slayer circlet.pngDemon slayer circlet196---14-90,396
Demon slayer torso.pngDemon slayer torso226---22-90,270
Demon slayer gloves.pngDemon slayer gloves49---9-2,938,756
Demon slayer skirt.pngDemon slayer skirt216---18-60,383
Demon slayer boots.pngDemon slayer boots49---9-147,975

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • ninja 10 June 2019 (Update):.
    • Various combat equipment sets now have set effects listed in tooltips.

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References[edit | edit source]

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