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This is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your gravestone.
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Demon Flash Mobs (or Demon Flashmobs in the game) are a members-only Distraction and Diversion that was released on 28 January 2013. Flash mobs appear every hour in one of 13 locations including the Wilderness. Players with the required combat level get a filtered notice of a surge of demonic energy at a specific location fifteen minutes before the mob spawns, then receive a second message stating that the demons have spawned in that location. Mobs can spawn at any time and are not synchronised across worlds. The bosses themselves appear as (Demon flash mobs map icon.png) if the notification setting for them is toggled on.

Ironman players cannot attack Demon Flash Mobs and will be given the message: You cannot attack a demon flash mob in Ironman mode.

This flash mob consists of a demon boss, two black demons, four lesser demons and eight imp heralds. Once the minions are killed, the boss can be attacked. However, the minions cannot be slain until their lower-ranking counterparts are first defeated; black demons cannot be attacked until all imp heralds and lesser demons are destroyed. If the demon boss finishes off all lesser demons, the imp heralds must still be killed to attack the black demons. The only exception is that imp heralds do not need to be killed to attack the demon boss.

The demon boss will spawn with 50% of his maximum life points. He will restore his lost health by siphoning from his lesser demons, which can be interrupted by killing all of the imp heralds. When all the heralds are killed, the boss stops siphoning his lesser demons and starts siphoning off his black demons instead. If he siphons all of the lesser demons, he will immediately start siphoning off the black demons instead. When all the lesser demons are killed, he will stop siphoning off his black demons and will be unattackable until the black demons are killed. If the demon boss siphons all of his lesser and black demons, he can be attacked immediately even if there are heralds lingering around.

Demon bosses are stronger against players using any sort of prayer or ancient curses, with the exception of Protect Item. If the demon attacks players using prayers, they will do more damage than normal along with having increased accuracy, while ignoring any damage reduction from protect or deflect prayer. Players will be given a chatbox message when the demon damages players using prayers to discourage their usage.

Blood spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook will heal the demon boss, accompanied by a message from the demon discouraging its use.

A new mob spawns every hour; if the demon general is not slain within 45 minutes of spawning, it will despawn, and no rewards will be given, even if it was damaged.

Names[edit | edit source]

Prefixes[edit | edit source]

The name of the boss is random. The titles before and after its name will hint at its abilities, as detailed below. This is how the name of the boss will always be shown: "(prefix) (name) the (suffix)", meaning a name such as "General Acidius the Glorious". According to the names shown below, this means this demon boss has very accurate melee attacks and can stun players. Demon bosses of all sorts will use melee and magic attacks. Their magic attacks are multi-targeting, and melee attacks are against one player.

Prefix title Effect
General Accurate melee attacks
Executioner High hitting attacks
Castellan Very high defence
Deacon Multi-target magic attacks

Suffixes[edit | edit source]

The boss of a demon flash mob will also have a suffix to his name. This suffix determines what special abilities this boss demon has. 

Suffix Effect
Blazing Burning damage over time (50 magic damage every 2 ticks without damage reduction), can be cleared using Freedom
Corrupting Poison area of effect (everyone within 3 squares of the boss is inflicted with poison that can deal over 1000 damage)
Frostborn Ice area of effect (everyone within 3 squares of the boss is stunned for three seconds)
Glorious Stun (lasts for three seconds at a time)
Infernal Fire area of effect (5 magic damage every 2 ticks without damage reduction), can be cleared with Freedom
Obscured Drains stats of nearby players
Pestilent Poison damage over time (extremely powerful poison, dealing from 600-1100 damage)
Rending Bleeding damage over time (50 melee damage every 2 ticks without damage reduction), can be cleared with Freedom
Shattering Melee attacks hit everyone within 3 squares of the boss
Terrifying Halves adrenaline gain of nearby players

Main names[edit | edit source]

A boss demon in a flash mob will have a main name, which can either be aligned to Zaros or Zamorak. This name doesn't have any meaning like titles do. The Zarosian Demon's names shown below are in the Infernal tongue, which resembles Latin. The Zamorakian names are not in any known language.

Zamorakian Demons Zarosian Demons Zarosian meaning
Av'aar Acidius Poisonous
Bra'k Brutio Brutal
C'tcho Cluacael
Dr'end Detiel Detaining
Eflu'vya Effluxam Vanishing
Fah'lth Fractiel Shattering
Gro'dd Grindus Grow
H'stur Haereticus Heretic
Ik'uur Impeso Charging
Jah'shu Janio Janus (Double Faced)
Kla'tu Klepto Thief
Lim'uul Lucius Shining
Mord'uun Morbiel Disease
Na'ash Nullius 'No-one'
Org'one Oblator Oblates
Per'yl Pupio Orphan
Qr'rel Quietus The silent
Ra'hasp Rectus Upright
Sud'er Salumnos
T'lon Thantio Sweet Death
Urga'l Ulcus Avenging
V'lac Visony
We'al Wendio Wendie
X'ppe Xarkael
Ykr'ee Yahiel
Z'shuu Zonos

Locations[edit | edit source]

See Distractions and Diversions/Locations/Demon Flash Mob for all possible locations.

A new demon flash mob will spawn every hour. When it does so, players will be given a notification in the chatbox that states the alignment and the location of the demons. This will spawn an evil symbol in the location, which signifies a flash mob will spawn at this location, and will stay for 15 minutes from when it is announced. About a minute prior to an evil symbol appearing, any previous demon boss will despawn.

An example of a message broadcast: Game announcement.png News: Zamorakian demonic energy is building up west of Daemonheim!

Both the evil symbol and the demon boss will show a demon symbol on the world map, making them simple to locate. Demon bosses will wander like most NPCs, so a demon map symbol moving around signifies that the demon boss is wandering and is unlikely to be in combat.

Wilderness mobs[edit | edit source]

Some demon flash mobs may spawn in the Wilderness. These demon bosses can drop resources not dropped by mainland demon bosses as well as increased amounts of resources, such as dragonhides or larger stacks of herbs respectively. Players demon hunting should be aware that some areas that the demons may occupy are multi-way, so players looking to fight flash mobs in those locations should be aware of Player killers in groups if they have opted in for PvP. It is not advised to bring anything that you are not willing to lose to these demon flash mobs.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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Rewards for killing the demon boss of a Flash Mob include a chance at demon slayer equipment and demonic title scrolls, demon claws used to create summoning pouches, and various other common rewards.

In order to receive a drop, the player must deal at least 500 damage to the demon boss in a single hit. Once this condition is met, a notification will be given to the player stating that they have dealt a "powerful blow". The player must also stay in combat with the boss until it dies to be eligible for the rewards. If the player leaves or dies, the hit of 500 damage needs to be done again to still get a drop. Players will only be able to do this until the boss reaches 10% of its total health (40,000 life points); any attempts to initiate combat with a demon boss after this threshold will notify the player they are too late to be eligible for a reward from this fight.

A demon boss will always drop a minimum of five drops. A single player can receive five separate drops if they manage to defeat it alone. If two to four players defeat a demon, drops will be split amongst the top damage-dealing participants.

Demon slayer gear is dropped alongside any other drops that are received. For example, a player that receives an off-hand demon slayer crossbow will also get any of the other normal drops it gives.

Fighting a Flash Mob in the Wilderness gives you a greater chance of getting a demon slayer equipment drop, and other drops will be worth around three times as much as at other spawn locations. 

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 6 July 2015 (Update):
    • A typo in the Demon Flash Mobs minigame information has been fixed.
  • patch 8 June 2015 (Update):
    • Demon Flash Mobs have been added to the Minigames tab.
  • patch 16 February 2015 (Update):
    • Demon Flash Mobs will now spawn hourly instead of every 2 hours.
    • Players will no longer receive rewards from a Demon Flash Mob boss if they join the fight especially late.
    • Demon Flash Mob bosses will now deal less damage to familiars.
  • patch 12 February 2013 (Update):
    • An animation for health being absorbed from lesser and black demons has been added to Demon Bosses (Demon Flashmobs).
    • Players can no longer use holy water on the Demon Boss (Demon Flashmobs).
  • patch 5 February 2013 (Update):
    • A typo on the examine text for the evil symbols in Demon Flash Mobs has been fixed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to an update on 2 February 2015, demon bosses with the 'Glorious' or 'Frostborn' suffixes could stun players for nine seconds instead of three. The same update allowed damage over time effects applied by demon bosses with the 'Blazing', 'Infernal', and 'Rending' suffixes to be removed via the use of Freedom. Also, the demon boss previously would hit extremely hard on players using Protect Item prayers, making its use risky when hunting demon mobs in the Wilderness. Other prayers still cause high damage if used though.