Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins

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The Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins is a ruined structure deep in the Wilderness, believed to have been originally constructed by the Dragonkin. The Dragonkin Laboratory resides beneath it, and is the main feature of interest within the area. In addition to the laboratory, it also serves as the entrance to Therragorn's hiding place during One of a Kind, and a Spirit Realm portal can be accessed here after Summer's End. While it is physically within the Wilderness, it is not a PvP area.

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Features[edit | edit source]

Edward the cape merchant can be found to the west of the ruins. He sells team capes 5, 15, 25, 35 and 45 for 50 coins each, and also acts as a bank.

There is a weak portal to the Spirit Realm in the ruins for members who have completed the Summer's End quest. Operating Jennica's ring on this portal gives 7,500 Smithing experience the first time it is used, but only if players have at least level 50 Smithing. If they do not, they can return when they do to receive the experience. In the Spirit Realm version of the ruins, multiple Dragonkin symbols can be seen hanging on the walls. These were the first appearance of this version of the Dragonkin's symbol in the game, and served as one of the many teasers for While Guthix Sleeps.

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