Declaration of Viggora

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The Declaration of Viggora is a text obtained from the bookcases in the Slayer Tower near the Aberrant Spectres and the Infernal Mages.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Declaration of Viggora.

I, General Viggora, commander of my lord's human forces, hereby set forth this declaration:

We had high aspirations, and we had the talent to pursue them. Perhaps that is why they could not accept us. But we no longer need their acceptance or respect. A new power is rising, ready to sweep away the old order and usher in a glorious new age.

We humans had flourished since our arrival in this realm, using our ingenuity to develop our agriculture, our architecture and - of course - our weapons of war. But other races had been brought to this realm too. We had little in common with them; conflict was inevitable.

My prowess as a swordsman made me a valuable member of my tribe in those unsettled times, and while I was still young, I made myself their chief. I ruled well, ensuring that a violent end came to anything that threatened my people.

My tribe came to know our lord. He had no humans in his service at the time, but he claimed to see our potential.

He promised us that if we took him as our god, and fought in his armies, and bowed down in worship to him, he would make us a mighty race under him.

This was music to my ears! I accepted, and he made me the general of his new human army. General Viggora: commander of our lord's human forces... Who would remember that my father had been a lowly millwright?

I hoped that this would let humans deal as equals with our lord's demon and Mahjarrat forces. But most of them still saw humans as nothing more than feeble apes. Even though humans had become our lord's most reliable strategists and engineers, the other generals treated me with disdain.

I resolved to show them that humans were more than our lord's pets. I designed and built a vast fortress for myself, naming it Viggora's Fortress. It towered high above the green lands; from the top I could look to the north-west and see half of Forinthry on a clear day. It was strong in its construction and cunning in its design, but also beautiful in its craftsmanship. Before my lord's other generals, I declared that my fortress was a testament to the talents of humankind in the service of our lord.

The other generals sneered at it; sneered at me sitting on my throne; sneered at the human race for trying to stand tall and attempt such a mighty work. They dubbed it Viggora's Folly, and called it a testament to my idiocy.

Only one of the generals remained silent, a Mahjarrat warrior known as Zamorak the Scourge. Zamorak did not mock me or my fortress. I remembered this.

The service of our lord took us on long expeditions, exterminating Saradominist filth, and the other generals had time to forget Viggora's Folly. Secretly, I planned to return. I could augment my fortress, add higher levels and deeper dungeons, fortify the surrounding lands, make it a truly magnificent achievement, and thus earn respect for humankind.

To my horror, on my return, I found that my beloved fortress had sunk into the swamp! In my zeal to make it indomitable, I had used too much stone, and the dungeons were already flooding. Viggora's Folly it was indeed; my humiliation was now complete.

As I write this record, sitting alone in my ruined study, I realise that my lord's promises were empty. He promised to raise the status of humankind, but despite years of our loyal service he has done nothing.

He is no longer my god.

Zamorak, the one general who did not mock me or my race, has likewise grown tired of serving our lord, and is gathering an alliance of his own. I shall offer him my sword; henceforth, General Viggora's army of humans fights for Zamorak, not the Lord of Empty Promises.

May Zamorak lead us to the glory we deserve!