Dialogue for Deathslinger

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  • Deathslinger: We have much work to do, but I could stop for a moment.

Conversation 1[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What is the biggest creature you have killed?
  • Deathslinger: Haha, you sound like my cubs! What did you kill, mama? Did it have ten heads, mama? Did it fire magic bolts from its eyes?
  • Player: Alright, I get it. I was just making conversation.
  • Deathslinger: Do not sulk, naabe. You simply reminded me of better times. To answer your question, it was most likely a sinkhole. They are huge and flat, shaped something like an open palm. They burrow beneath the ground, and then fold themselves into a fist, storing the land and people within them to be digested when required.
  • Player: Thats[sic] horrible!
  • Deathslinger: And so much worse to be inside one. This place is nothing in comparison to a sinkhole, naabe. I relish every day outside of that thing.

Conversation 2[edit | edit source]

  • Player: How much do you know about Daemonheim?
  • Deathslinger: I know that it has been here for far longer than you or I have been alive, beyond the lifetimes of our parents, grandparents and any relatives they knew.
  • Deathslinger: Many, from so many different races, have been born here. And many have died here, filling the holes they helped to dig. It is not a life they deserved, but they knew no other.
  • Player: But why didnt[sic] they just leave?
    • Deathslinger: Because a great tyrant demanded that they stay. He was more than the stag of their herd; he was the hunger that beset them, the pestilence that ate at them, and the storms that battered them. It is my aim to kill him, and my aim is unmatched among our people. I save a poison arrow for his heart.
  • Player: It must have been a terrible life.
    • Deathslinger: It is best to not consider it a life, naabe. They would have burrowed without question, knowing no life better than this. Like blind moles, churra. They believed that they were burrowing to an exit. It is hateful to think that their leader may have played upon this fact, encouraging them downward to their escape.

Conversation 3[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Why do the gorajo have only one role? You can't be a deathslinger all the time, can you?
  • Deathslinger: A gorajo needs but one role. How do you humans say it? We...specialise.
  • Player: I guess that would make you a pure. I mean, adventurers who specialise in one skill are often called pures.
    • Deathslinger: A pure? I like this. The goraju are pure of action, pure of purpose... Yes, I will accept this term.
  • Player: How does that work? What if you are on your own and need to heal, or make a weapon, or even set a fire...
    • Deathslinger: A gorajo is never on their own, naabe. Even now, as I fight by your side, I lie in a spirit wake with many other gorajo who are in this dungeon. Skinweavers oversee us in the wake and worldbearers feed us. Besides, it is not the gorajo way to feel wanderlust and the need to be alone. Those are the words of ramokee - gorajo exiles - and we do not like talking of them.

Conversation 4[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I dont[sic] have any more questions.
  • Deathslinger: Fly fast on the wind, young naabe.

Warped Gulega encounter[edit | edit source]

Deathslinger: It will be an honor to slay the Gulega with you, brah!