Death Lotus (organisation)

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The Death Lotus is an organisation that operates in the Wushanko Isles.

History[edit | edit source]

A member of the Death Lotus.

Formed at an unknown time, the Death Lotus are a highly feared group of mercenary assassins throughout the Wushanko Isles. Its' members are highly trained and skilled in the art of assassination and stealth. The last known leader was Baby Tooth. They mostly reside in both the Bowl and Pincers regions, the island of Tokoko serving as the organisation's training grounds and The Pearl Fortress serving as their headquarters and stronghold.

Their armour is mostly made from laquer. Most of their members prefer to use darts in combat, although a few have been known to use melee weapons.

During the Quin conflicts in the late Fifth Age, many khans wished to dispose of Quin because of the threat she posed to their islands. Despite this, no matter how much payment they offered, the organisation refused out of fear for Quin's wrath if they failed in their mission. Eventually, Hubbub, a former khan who lost his people to Quin's machinations, offered a payment greater than all of the khans combined, eventually prompting the organisation to accept the commission.

They sent Ling to perform the duty, but Ling failed in her mission as Quin was protected by her bodyguard Zu Zu, who foiled the attempt. When news of the failure reached the organisation, they denied responsibility to avoid her wrath, cutting off her hands to prove to her that they were not involved with the hit. Ling escaped before Wu, Baby Tooth's son, could cut off the other hand. Quin believed that the organisation was not responsible for the hit and soon hired them to serve as her bodyguards, seeing that they were one of the most feared groups of the Wushanko Isles.

Some of its members were commissioned by Tombi, Thalassia's khan, to protect him.

When Port Sarim's foreign port reopened under the supervision of the latest portmaster, they eventually caught the attention of Hubbub, Ling and Zu Zu. As part of Ling's story series, the portmaster helped Ling kill Baby Tooth. Despite the death of their leader, the organisation chose to ignore Ling's actions, as they understood the game and needed to focus on other games at hand.

The portmaster also attracted Hubbub and Zu Zu to visit their port; combined with Ling, they were all linked through the fact that they loathed Quin. Using their knowledge of Quin and her defences, they launched a massive assault on the Death Lotus on Quin's island, attacking on the day and destroying their shacks on the shore. Despite their best efforts to defend Quin, they ultimately failed, as they had to fight pirates in the open daylight with no cover.

The portmaster later commissioned the organisation to help protect "Aagi" from "Kakashi", who was set on taking her essence. Using Aagi as bait, they forced Kakashi to reveal himself in the Glittercaves, where the Death Lotus forced Kakashi to leave Aagi alone, handing him a red knot. The knot symbolised a pact between the two; if he broke the pact, they would kill him in retaliation.

The Death Lotus also had ties to Felix, occasionally sending several agents in regard to his debt, revealing that he had borrowed money from them. Despite Felix's protests that he had paid his debts, the agents remained unconvinced. Regardless, they would have him help in finding several people of interest (mostly criminals) so they could assassinate them. When the job was done, the assassins departed from the port.

Members[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous unnamed members
  • Bak

Former[edit | edit source]