Quick guide for Dealing with Scabaras

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Running errands[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to the High Priest in Sophanem. (Chat 1)
  • Climb the ladder behind the prayer altar.
  • After the cutscene, talk to Maisa. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to the High Priest.
  • Go to the south-east corner of the agility pyramid, take the rope shortcut just to the east.
    • If you haven't unlocked this shortcut, enter to the swamp south-east of Sophanem and go north.
  • Climb the low wall and talk to the people by the campfire. Read their questions carefully and always round down. (Chat 13)
  • Talk to them again for an empty crate.
  • At this point, if you do have 60 Crafting, skip to the next step. If you do not have 60 Crafting, fetch the bronze items that are written in your quest guide, use them on the crate and return to the archaeologists. This will take 3 hours so if 60 Crafting is obtainable within that time frame it is highly recommended to do that instead. (Chat 11)
  • Talk to Simon Templeton at the Agility Pyramid. (Chat 111) If you haven't already, make sure you have...
  • Fetch the bronze items that are written in your quest guide.
  • While standing in the desert, use Ugthanki dung on the bronze items.
  • Use the bronze items on the crate, and give it to Simon.
  • Talk to the archaeologists (by the campfire) for a book.
  • Kill undead creatures nearby until you get 4 different Scabarite notes. They should have different examine texts.
    • Zombies and Skeletons to the north.
    • Mummies to the west.
    • Locust Lancers in the swamp to the south-east.
  • Copy the 4 notes to the log.
  • Talk to the archaeologists.
  • Run north and enter the northernmost dungeon.
  • Remove the logs from the storage box.

A test of speed, skill, and luck[edit | edit source]

Scabarite Hive dungeon map.png
  • The next section is a race against time. Read it fully before continuing.
    • Use a log on the furnace to stoke the furnace.
    • Talk to the golem. (Chat 3412)
    • Relight the furnace.
    • Agility room:
      • Cross the pipe and pull the lever.
    • Strength room:
      • Pull the lever.
    • Combat room:
      • Kill the level 92 Giant scarab.
      • Pull the lever.
    • Thieving room:
      1. Click on the mysterious box to start the puzzle.
      2. NOTE: Clicking outside of the window will fail the attempt and you'll have to start the whole process over.
      3. Starting in the top left, and taking notes of the runes displayed, flip the runes over three at a time. Do this for all of the rows until all of the runes have been noted. You should finish with 8 attempts left.
      4. Click the cog/circle on the right side of the window to increase your attempts. (If you don't, you will fail partway through the puzzle in the next section.)
      5. Flip over the top left rune. Using your notes, identify the location of the other matching runes and flip them over. Continue on until all of the runes have been flipped over.
  • Run to the High Priest of Scabaras using the map to the right. Disarm the traps along the way.
  • Talk to the High Priest. (Chat 22)
  • Defeat him.
  • Talk to him again. (Chat 41)
  • Defeat him.
  • Talk to him once more. (Chat 42)
  • Defeat him.
  • Talk to him once more. (Chat 41)
  • Return to the High Priest in Sophanem.
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Dealing with Scarabas reward.png
  • 1 quest point
  • 7,000 Strength experience
  • 7,000 Thieving experience
  • 7,000 Agility experience
  • 7,000 Prayer experience
  • The ability to craft an Enchanted water tiara - protects you from the Desert heat effect
    • To craft an enchanted tiara, use water runes on a normal water tiara (they will be stored inside the tiara); every time the player takes a 'drink', the total number of water runes stored in the tiara will decrease by three.
    • Destroy the enchanted tiara to get the normal water tiara and remaining water runes back—they will drop on the ground.
    • You can only have one enchanted water tiara at any given time.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys (Ironman accounts will not receive these)
Additional rewards/activities
  • Talk to Simon Templeton about the job he mentioned during the quest. He sends you to talk with the Pyramid Plunder mummy. After the mummy refuses, return to Simon. Simon will now accept noted pyramid treasures (from Pyramid Plunder), except golden ones, to exchange for money.
    • The dialogue for doing so: "Jokes aside, you've been a good sport. As a favour, from now on I'm willing to take bank certificates of any objects you get from that miserable mummy's pyramid plunder. Well, any but the gold ones, that is - you might [be?] tempted to fake stuff if theres profit involved, as we both know."
  • Scabarites Notes miniquest
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Dealing with Scabaras is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests: