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This article is about the Jagex Moderator. For the Thanksgiving event turkey, see Osborne.

Mod Osborne is[1] the Lead Designer for RuneScape at Jagex. Prior to this, he was an editor at Jagex, mainly filtering content for typos and grammar as well as writing QuestHelp entries and Postbags from the Hedge. His job includes making sure that all content that is released to RuneScape is consistent with storylines and lore in the game, although he also designs various content.[2] After that, he became Senior Narrative Designer, largely in charge of the game's overall story, and he is the conceiver of the Sixth Age storyline. He was promoted to Lead Designer in May 2015, succeeding Mod Mark.[3] He was also the leader of The Guardians scrum team.

Mod Osborne has appeared in many Behind the Scenes videos, RuneCast episodes, podcasts as well as the official (lore) livestreams and Q&As. As Senior Narrative Designer, he usually worked with Mod Mark when discussing matters relating to lore. Osborne was the main speaker in the Above the Lore episodes, and also usually participates in lore Q&As or so-called campfires on the forums.

Mod Osborne previously worked as Sports Editor at Chapters Sports, Diary Planner & Order Coordinator at Inca Interiors and Sales Assistant at Paperchase Products before joining Jagex. He graduated from the University of Kent in Britain before that.[source needed]

Most of the dialogue in Dimension of Disaster was written by him and he designed various significant updates, including The World Wakes and Prifddinas. He wrote and designed The Needle Skips quest with Mod Krista. He is the author of the Lores and Histories:

Predecessor Title Successor
Mark Ogilvie Lead Designer for RuneScape Incumbent

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For the behind the scenes video of A Stray In A Manger, Osborne was painted blue and acted as 'Mod Santa'.
  • Due to his work as editor, Mod Osborne has played each quest in RuneScape at least fifteen times.[4]
  • In The Road To Elf City mini-series, David Osborne went by the alias Mod Elfborne, his alleged cousin, before the release of Prifddinas. He also went to RuneFest 2014 as Mod Elfborne.
  • Osborne has several references in and related to Prifddinas; Mod Elfborne and Daffyd are both based on him, and a reference to him is included in the Tirannwn achievements.[5] Outside Prifddinas, the turkey Osborne and Ospawns are also based on Mod Osborne.

References[edit | edit source]

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