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Devin Mendelberg is a worker in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony of northern Kandarin. Devin does various odd jobs for the colony, although he usually helps Franklin Caranos with repair work. Before completion of the Swan Song quest, he can be found alongside Kathy Corkat just east of Eagles' Peak, and explains that he fears the colony is going to be shut down and that he'll lose his job. During the quest, players help Devin repair one of the colony's protective walls, which was recently destroyed in a Sea Troll attack.

History[edit | edit source]

Devin speaks very little of his past. According to George Laxmeister, one of his co-workers, Devin was born in the distant eastern swamps of Morytania, likely in Mort'ton or Burgh De Rott. Devin somehow managed to escape the swamp through Paterdomus even before the enactment of the Mercenary protocol by King Roald III.

Devin later found work in the Fishing Colony, where a successful monkfish-catching industry was recently established by Herman Caranos of East Ardougne. Why he travelled so far is unknown, although George speculates that he just wanted to get as far away from Morytania as possible. A recent problem with a number of aggressive Sea Trolls, however, has threatened the colony and caused considerable damage, meaning that Devin has been considerably more busy than usual.

After completing Swan Song, Devin can be found near the Colony's western wall, where he is working on improving the players' repair job. Because the wall was repaired with iron sheets, it has begun to be corroded by saltwater, and Devin has decided that to fully protect it he is going to buy protective paint from the dwarves. This and other work has kept him fairly busy, and he has been unable to get around to oiling the hinges of the Colony's doors, which have begun to become faulty because of constant exposure to saltwater.

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