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Davendale is a small village found along an unknown coast. It is inaccessible outside of the tutorial.

Description and features[edit | edit source]

'Welcome to Davendale' sign.png
Davendale's nearby beach.

Inaccessible from the mainland, Davendale seemingly sits along a coast between a selection of hills. Upon arrival, the player walks from the scenic beach through some forests, over a fallen Davendale sign in order to access the village. Along the forest path, a small seating area can be found, with a bench that reads Vote for Druss Daven - Mayor of Davendale for 25 Years and Counting. At the centre of the village, a village square, with a giant statue of the Mayor at the heart of it, can be found. Around the square, straw-topped houses and a small marketplace with a well in the centre of it can also be found nearby. North of the square, cows can be found roaming on the nearby farmland.

Minnow Isle.

To the west, Martin the fisherman can be found overlooking Minnow Isle, only accessible by bridge. Fishing spots for raw minnow and davio can be found here. The fish can then be cooked on the island's barbecue and subsequently handed in to Martin.

Mayor Druss Daven's mansion.

On the east side of Davendale, up a long staircase, the Mayor's inaccessible mansion can be found. Zafir can be found on the staircase. A giant hole can be found in the mansion's courtyard, where trolls have made their way in.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Main article: Davendale Tutorial

Davendale is one of the current tutorials available for new mobile players. It is currently available through an A/B test. Despite only being to get this tutorial when starting on mobile, players can simply log into the desktop client to play through it.

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