Daughter of Chaos

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Daughter of Chaos
Daughter of Chaos overview.png
Release date1 August 2022 (Update)
Voice OverPartial
Official seriesLegacy of Zamorak #1
AgeAge of Chaos (Sixth Age)
TimelineAge of Chaos
Start areaFalador Castle
Entity iconDaughter of Chaos entity icon.png
Advanced data
Quest ID483
Quest create ID322
Official difficultyIntermediate

Daughter of Chaos is a quest in which you take the role of a character other than your own. It is the first quest in the Legacy of Zamorak quest series and continues the narrative following the boss fight with Zamorak, Lord of Chaos. It focuses on Moia following the events of the Elder God Wars storyline.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Chaos focuses on Moia, one of Bilrach's lieutenants, who has been attacking humans near the border of Misthalin. Adrasteia views her as the biggest threat at this point, so she asks you to travel to the Wilderness, track her down and stop her. As you're working with Adrasteia's agent to track down Moia, you'll come across traces of Moia's memories. Through these traces you'll be able to see flashbacks of recent events from Moia's perspective. There's some awesome gameplay segments where you get to play as Moia in a parallel story arc, fighting in the Civil War. As Moia, you'll also get to have some cool interactions with other characters, you wouldn't normally get to experience. The Daughter of Chaos quest is the beginning of a brand new period in Gielinor's history. What lies ahead is a brave new world whose fate is in the hands of mortals.
Official Reveal Trailer – Legacy of Zamorak

Overview[edit | edit source]

Tracking Moia[edit | edit source]

Adrasteia stands near the Saradomin's throne.

Speak to Adrasteia in the Falador Castle throne room on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US], followed by Anne Dimitri in the interrogation room (centre of 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]). It does not matter if you agree with Adrasteia or Anne Dimitri in the conversation. Anne will say Moia was last seen in the Wilderness just north-east of Edgeville, and tell you to meet there. Teleport to Edgeville and jump the Wilderness wall north of the Grand Exchange agility shortcut. While this quest takes place in an an instanced version of the Wilderness, you do have to enter level 2 Wilderness to access the instance. It is therefore recommended to opt out of PvP before proceeding.

Moia's Memories[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Anne Dimitri is channelling a spell to the faded memory in warbands camp.

Anne discovers tracks leading to an abandoned warbands camp east of the Red Dragon Isle, where the two of you will spot a faded memory of Moia's which only took place a few days ago. There will be three points of interest surrounding the camp; inspect all three and return to Anne, who will strengthen the memory slightly and ask you to strengthen it further by collecting six wisps. Once these six wisps are collected, she will ask you to enter the memory, much to your disdain.

There, you'll control Moia and arrive at a Mahjarrat camp led by Bilrach. Moia reports to Bilrach over the decimation of a demon camp near the Black Knights' Fortress with plenty of success, along with eliminating a Varrockian patrol group near the Wilderness border. Bilrach advises Moia not get the wrath of the new Basilissa, but Moia appears to disregard this just as she hears enemies approaching.

Demons and their human followers will emerge around the camp and engage Bilrach's forces in battle. You will need to eliminate nine enemies, consisting of chaos witches, chaos demons and Zamorakian cultists. Moia has access to three abilities to increase her damage; she deals 9,000 damage per auto-attack. She also has access to three abilities:

  • Vault serves as a variant of Barge dealing 7,500 damage with a cooldown of 4 seconds; it can also be used to jump away from fire orbs,
  • Drain deals 5 rapid hits of 7,000 damage each and heals her for 297 lifepoints each with a cooldown of 8 seconds,
  • Blast deals 25,000 damage to targets within a 5x5 area around her with a cooldown of 17 seconds.

When an enemy is killed, they will drop a healing orb, which can be taken to restore health. If Moia's health fully depletes, the player can reattempt at an easier difficulty.

Once the last enemy is slain by Moia, the remaining enemies die off. Speak to Bilrach, who curses K'ril Tsutsaroth for betraying him and trying to wrestle control of the Zamorakian faction before realising that someone is coordinating the attacks and orders Moia to eliminate whoever is doing so. Moia will comply and head off to complete her task.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Anne Dimitri is channelling a spell to the faded memory in Red Dragon Isle.

The tracks will lead to the Red Dragon Isle itself. While the memory found isn't as weak, it isn't strong enough and Anne tasks you with finding memories to strengthen it, done the same as the previous cycle.

In this memory, Bilrach states that the forces of the Chaos Temple were eliminated by demons from the north and west, and thus has decided to fall back to Daemonheim, much to Moia's anger. Moia reports that she discovered some stragglers and Bilrach orders her to finish them. There are six enemies, consisting of two each of witches, demons and cultists.

Once the last enemy is killed, Moia will remark on looking for survivors; a wounded cultist will be near the two demons. Moia interrogates the cultist, learning that Avaryss, the Unceasing is coordinating the attacks from the Infernal Source. Moia then proceeds to drain the cultist of energy before Adrasteia seemingly appears before her, before she reappears as Trindine. Trindine laughs at Moia for following a senile fool and scuttling across the Empire's ashes. Moia states that she knows her purpose and that Trindine serves an irrelevant time. Trindine then offers assistance, stating that she doesn't really have much of a choice as demons simply come back when they die. She offers her a diabolus (phylactery) but refuses to divulge what she wants in return. With no other choice and seeing that they could bargain with K'ril and strike fear into his other generals, Moia accepts.

Moia then informs Bilrach of her development. Bilrach is surprised, having expected better of her but orders Moia to deal with her painfully. He asks if she has anything else to report, but she doesn't.

Part III[edit | edit source]

Anne Dimitri found a broken portal to Infernal Source.

The two of you will arrive at the Wilderness Volcano crater where both of you spot a massive rift and that Moia was just here; however, the portal is sealed, so interact with the memory.

Moia confronts Avaryss in Infernal Source.

You will control Moia again and confront Avaryss at the Hydra's Gate, who summons four chaos demons to assist her. Moia will use the diabolus to kill the chaos demons and capture their souls, much to Avaryss' shock as she demands where she got it from. Avaryss has 500,000 health; unlike the normal encounter, she uses magic.

Start with Blast to quickly deal 25,000 damage, then Avaryss will summon two greater demon reinforcements after a few seconds, both of whom have 80,000 health. Killing these greater demons will each drop a healing orb that restores 2,475 lifepoints. She will periodically surge across the arena and may drop chaos vortices, expelling damaging magic. Vault away from these while using Drain and Blast to survive and end the encounter quickly.

After dying, there is an option to make the battle easier, just like the previous combat encounters. Wearing the Armour of Trials does not reduce damage after death.

Once Avaryss' health reaches 0, she states that the other Zamorakian Mahjarrat would never treat her as an equal before Moia absorbs Avaryss' soul into the diabolus.

Confronting Moia[edit | edit source]

While you were investigating the memory, Anne managed to break the seal on the portal and had brought you inside, where Moia is still waiting and reveals Anne as Trindine. Talk to Moia; regardless of your choices, Moia states that she is tired of being disrespected and treated improperly, and thus plans to make Gielinor fear her new powers. She will open a rift out of the Source, which you and Trindine will follow; however, you'll end up back where you started to track Moia.

Trindine leaves the Source and goes back to the Wilderness.

Trindine will tell you to inform Adrasteia of the development. She can be spoken to further, upon which the Zarosians had affiliated with Adrasteia as they wanted to strive for peace and wanted to help her traitorous brethren out to ensure that both they and the demons would continue fighting and killing each other instead of harming bystanders. However, she had miscalculated Moia's threat but plans to continue monitoring both Bilrach and Moia's actions.

Reporting back[edit | edit source]

Return to Falador and inform Adrasteia of the news. Adrasteia had her suspicions of Anne being someone else, but does admit that the Zarosians are aligned with them in achieving peace, whereas the Zamorakians only want destruction. She intends to call you once again once she has another plan ready, rewarding you for your efforts.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Chaos reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Chaos (RuneScore.png 0) – Complete this quest.

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Chaos is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests:

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Art[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Chaos
DeveloperMod Zura
Quality Assurance
Quality assuranceMod Chaose

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 23 January 2023 (Update):
    • Map markers for the following quests have been updated to match the current quest state:
      • Violet is Blue Too
      • Elemental Workshop 4
      • Deadliest Catch
      • Call of Ancestors
      • City of Senntisten
      • The Vault of Shadows (miniquest)
      • Once upon a time in Gielinor
      • Finale
      • Daughter of Chaos
  • patch 16 January 2023 (Update):
    • You can no longer teleport out of cutscenes in Daughter of Chaos or Civil War III during a fade to black section.
  • patch 5 December 2022 (Update):
    • Created a Legacy of Zamorak season in the Quest Series sort.
  • patch 28 November 2022 (Update):
    • Moved Daughter of Chaos from the World Guardian timeline category to Age of Chaos in the quest list.
    • Moved Daughter of Chaos from the Sixth Age category to Age of Chaos in the quest list.
  • patch 8 August 2022 (Update):
    • May's Quest Portal now teleports you to the bottom of the Falador throne room stairs, instead of the version of the throne room not used for Daughter of Chaos.