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Dart tips are an item used to make darts. They can only be smithed after completing The Tourist Trap quest. One bar can be smithed into ten dart tips. While the quest requirement effectively prevents free-to-play players from smithing the dart tips, free-to-play players who have previously completed The Tourist Trap quest, but have since ceased to be members can still smith the dart tips; they may also still obtain them from other players or the Grand Exchange. Each tip requires a feather to make it into a dart. The Smithing and level needed to make them, the Fletching level needed to make them into darts, and the experience earned are shown on the chart below:

Image Type Smithing Level Smithing xp/bar Fletching level Fletching xp/dart GE Price (50 dart tips) GE Price (Bar) Smithing Profit/Loss
Bronze dart tip.png Bronze 1 15 1 1.8 3,300 1,117 2,183
Iron dart tip.png Iron 10 40 22 3.8 3,700 2,665 1,035
Steel dart tip.png Steel 20 75 38 7.5 7,100 2,343 4,757
Mithril dart tip.png Mithril 30 120 52 11.2 15,850 2,130 13,720
Adamant dart tip.png Adamant 40 170 67 15 21,500 4,999 16,501
Rune dart tip.png Rune 50 240 81 18.8 21,300 5,646 15,654
Dragon dart tip.png Dragon N/A N/A 90 25 129,000 Coins 5.png N/A Coins 5.png N/A

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  • ninja 12 January 2015 (Update):
    • There is now a left-click 'Tip' option on all arrow heads, bolt tips and dart tips.