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Dark Lord is a title unlocked by earning 23 other Prifddinas titles. None of the Mod-titles, as well as the Meandering, the Coedensworn and the Master Fisherman/Fisherwoman, are required.

Dark Lord title is the Prifddinas equivalent of the Salty title (The Arc) and Sandy title (Menaphos).

Requirements[edit | edit source]

In order to unlock the Dark Lord title you must unlock the following titles:

Title Requirements
The eight clan titles
[Name] of the Trahaearn Mine 100 corrupted ore
[Name] of the Iorwerth Complete 8 dark beast tasks assigned by Morvran
[Name] of the Cadarn Defeat 1,000 Cadarn rangers or magi in combat
[Name] of the Crwys Check the health of an elder tree grown in the Crwys farming patch
[Name] of the Amlodd Summon a light creature familiar and use an Light Creature scroll (Enlightenment), then talk to Lord Amlodd
[Name] of the Ithell Craft 100 crystal flasks
[Name] of the Hefin Complete 200 laps of the Hefin Agility Course
[Name] of the Meilyr Harvest 50 harmony moss from the harmony pillars
[Name] the Elven Purchase all 8 elven clan capes
[Name] of Tarddiad Talk to all 8 clan leaders about their clan
The Famous [Name] Complete Morvran's slayer challenge
All four Rush of Blood titles
The Abyssal [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Bronze difficulty or higher of Rush of Blood
The Dark [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Silver difficulty or higher of Rush of Blood
The Beast [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Gold difficulty or higher of Rush of Blood
Slayer Master [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Platinum difficulty of Rush of Blood
Miscellaneous titles
[Name] the Corrupted Use corrupted ore on Seren in the Tower of Voices
Dark Elf [Name] Enter the chamber of Seren in the Tower of Voices and then equip the Clan Iorwerth cape and a weapon then talk to Seren
[Name] the Fractured Use any divine energy (except elder energy) on Seren in the Tower of Voices
Lord of the Wait [Name] Rest on top of Seren in the Tower of Voices while wearing the Clan Hefin cape (requires level 90 Prayer). After The Light Within, instead of resting on top of Seren, the player has to rest before her.
Lorehound [Name] Collect all 16 numbered Memoriam crystals, all memoriam crystals on Freneskae, and all pages of The Voice of the Elders, and complete all quests. If the title does not unlock, try resetting Dimension of Disaster and complete one of the subquests again.
[Name] the Mourner Equip full mourner gear and talk to Lady Ithell
[Name] of the Naragi Plant a crystal acorn
[Name] the Statuesque Complete the replica Statue of Rhiannon in the Max Guild

Translations[edit | edit source]

This title changes according to the language of the server on which RuneScape is played, as shown below:

Language Title
German Der dunkle Lord [Name] / Die dunkle Lady [Name]
French [Name] le Seigneur des ténèbres / [Name] la Dame des ténèbres
Portuguese Senhor Sombrio [Name] / Senhora Sombria [Name]

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