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Daraval is a Nodon dragonkin. Back when the Dragonkin still lived in Orthen, she was a fledgling of her faction and served as representative of her creed in the Kindra council along with Maragan, a Nodon elder.

Thousands of years ago, during a Kindra council meeting, the different dragonkin factions met to discuss how to deal with the Elder Gods, each one proposing a different plan. The Nodon proposed to enter a state of prolonged hibernation in order for the dragonkin to replenish their strength after surviving the Great Revision, escaping to the Abyss and building their new city on Gielinor. To this end they had begun construction of a hibernatorium in eastern Orthen with the help of the other creeds.[1] While the Kindra could not reach consensus, they ultimately agreed to carry on with their plans while maintaining everyone else informed of their progress. Kerapac, who was a fledgling in the Dactyl faction at the time, did not keep his word and carried on with his plan without approval from the council.[2] As a result, an enraged Jas destroyed Orthen and enslaved the dragonkin, binding them to the Stone of Jas.

Some time after this, the Nodon repurposed their proposed solution, entering a shared dream in order to sleep through the curse.[3] Daraval was against this, however, primarily out of concern that Kerapac would act on his own in the future.[4] Nevertheless, the Nodon proceeded with their plan.

While it is unknown what became of the island where Orthen was located, in the Sixth Age Kerapac took control of the Needle and used its power to bring a past version of the island into the present in order to carry out his plan to destroy Gielinor and the Elder Gods with it. While searching for Kerapac, the World Guardian, with the help of Hannibus, located the hibernatorium and entered the Nodon's shared dream to learn more about Kerapac's plan. However, Maragan and Daraval were able to notice the intruders,[5] who proceeded to explain their presence. Seeing her fears confirmed, Daraval reaffirmed to Maragan that they should not have gone into hibernation after all.[4] The Nodon elder then explained the consequences of Kerapac's actions to the duo.

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References[edit | edit source]

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