Dagon'hai Elite

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Dagon'hai elite chathead.png

The Dagon'hai Elite is an NPC encountered while killing Bork in the Chaos Tunnels. He appears only after Bork has already been killed during the miniquest The Hunt for Surok.

The Dagon'hai Elite functions as a replacement for Surok Magis, who attacks during the miniquest. Like Surok, he can be attacked, but it is impossible to deal damage to him. When he is attacked, a bright shield-like animation appears around him, and the game informs you that he is drawing power from Bork. Consequently, both he and Surok teleport away once Bork is slain. The Dagon'hai Elite attacks with powerful magic while the player is fighting Bork. His attacks can hit up to 600, but this damage can be reduced by using protect/deflect magic prayer. However, it is recommended you pray from melee to protect against Bork's melee attack (unless safe spotting), as Bork can drain your health faster than the elite can. During the fight he is shown to have a combat level of 97, but is completely immune to attacks. When he is attacked, "Your attack has no effect" appears in text.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Dagon'hai Elite's attack triggers Vengeance, but the Vengeance does no damage.