Dagger (Stealing Creation)

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The dagger from the Stealing Creation minigame is made by using any class of sacred clay on a creation kiln. The class of the dagger is dependant on the class of the clay used to create it. The dagger can be equipped as a weapon to attack the player during battle. Daggers are often used in the minigame by "one item" pkers because of their speed and decent attack. They are faster than any other melee weapon, and are very popular both with meleers and with players using a melee/mage combination.

Table of daggers
IconClassLevel to useLevel to make
Dagger (class 1).pngClass 11 AttackAttack1 SmithingSmithing
Dagger (class 2).pngClass 220 AttackAttack20 SmithingSmithing
Dagger (class 3).pngClass 340 AttackAttack40 SmithingSmithing
Dagger (class 4).pngClass 460 AttackAttack60 SmithingSmithing
Dagger (class 5).pngClass 580 AttackAttack80 SmithingSmithing

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

The bonuses for the various classes of daggers are given below.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Dagger (class 1).pngClass 1Stab48110---------
Dagger (class 2).pngClass 2Stab192316---------
Dagger (class 3).pngClass 3Stab384628---------
Dagger (class 4).pngClass 4Stab5761132---------
Dagger (class 5).pngClass 5Stab7681924---------