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Dagannoth hides are the tough skins from dagannoth, and are used to make Fremennik armour. The hides are brought, along with either rock-shell pieces, wallasalki bones, or other specialty dagannoth hides; to create rockshell, skeletal, or spined armour respectively. Helmets require at least one hide, leggings require two hides, and tops require three hides. The player must bring these materials, as well as a small amount of coins to Skulgrimen, Peer the Seer, or Sigli the Huntsman for the armours respectively, to craft the equipment.

Dagannoth hides are also used as the tertiary ingredient for Spirit dagannoth familiars, requiring level 83 Summoning. Making the spirit dagannoth pouch requires 1 spirit shard, and 1 crimson charm granting the player 364.8 Summoning experience.

Aside from monster drops, players may obtain dagannoth hides from the following:

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