Daemonheim shard

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The Daemonheim shard is used to make the support cape and support hood. They are occasionally obtained by players with 99 Dungeoneering after completing a dungeon in Daemonheim of any complexity. When combined with the agile shard (Agility), deadly shard (Slayer) and hidden shard (Thieving), it will turn into the support cape and hood. The cape has the same bonuses as other Capes of Accomplishment but it comes with a different emote and boosts all relevant skills to 100 when operated.

Daemonheim shards can be received after leaving a dungeon, when leaving the lobby of players who have left their dungeoneering party. These shards are automatically put in a players' bank. Upon finding one, the following message appears: "You found a shard emanating magical energy during training. It has been sent to your bank." This is the only shard that is auto-banked. Make sure you have a bank space free.

If you do not have space in your bank, you'll get the message: "You found a shard emanating magical energy as you were training, but there was no space in your bank to take it." The shard will also not appear on the floor.

If a player owns the expert skillcape shard bag, the shard will automatically be added to that bag, even if it is in the bank.

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