Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon

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The Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon was released on 19 July 2010. This island was part of an expansion set for the Dungeoneering skill, the resource dungeons. Entering this island for the first time will earn the player 2400 Dungeoneering experience, but no tokens. Any player with at least level 30 Dungeoneering may enter this dungeon, although the extended portion requires completion of the medium Daemonheim achievements.

It is located south-east of Daemonheim. To reach the island, follow the water edge, south, from the boat to Al Kharid until a dead end is reached. The dungeon door to the island should be there.

The island includes 9 maple trees and 6 willow trees, with 3 yew trees and a bank deposit box in the extended portion.

This is a great place to train Woodcutting and Firemaking at the same time. It is usually much less crowded, making it more ideal for training than spots such as the one in Draynor Village, with a higher concentration of either type of trees than anywhere else. Players can cut and burn the logs on the island for fast experience.

There are two banks relatively near, but Seers' Village's bank is closer to its maple trees, and Draynor Village is closer to its willow trees. Deposit box in extended area is closest if available.

This is the only location where non-members can cut maple trees. They can take the boat to Al Kharid, bank, then return via boat, or use the ring of kinship to teleport to the bank on Daemonheim then run back.

The entrance to the resource dungeon
The enclosed area.
The entrance.

Daemonheim Medium Task Set reward[edit | edit source]

The player can access an extended portion of the island if they have obtained the Daemonheim aura 2 from the medium Daemonheim tasks. It contains 3 yew trees and a bank deposit box, which can be useful since it eliminates the need of running to a bank.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only resource dungeon that is located above ground on an island while all the others are presumably underground.
  • In early 2016, more willow trees were added to the island.