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The Culinaromancer is, according to legend, an evil mage who draws his power from food.

A hundred years ago, the Culinaromancer was a cook in the Lumbridge Castle for the Duke. He used the exotic and esoteric foodstuffs to which he had access to improve his magical power. He was sealed away by one of the Lumbridge Castle cook's forefathers when he threatened to destroy the Secret Council of Gielinor, that gets together for a feast every ten years. Eliminating the secret council would have been the first step in his plan for world domination. The Culinaromancer returns in the quest Recipe for Disaster, and is the final boss to defeat.

The evil wizard has returned!

In combat, he primarily attacks with magic, which can hit into the high 600s, and a weaker, rarely used melee attack that can hit up to around 300. When he is killed, food spins out of his head and the player is teleported back to the dining room.

The Culinaromancer is fightable as a class G boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Recipe For Disaster.

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No more meals for you, fool!
The Culinaromancer taunting.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Culinaromancer is a combination of the words culinary and mancer, meaning "one who divines from food".
  • Aris tells the player, "Just as an Oneiromancer draws magical powers from dreams, or a necromancer draws their strength from the energies of the dead, a Culinaromancer uses food as a source of magical powers."
  • When the Culinaromancer dies, food like cakes explode out of his body onto the ground and comes with pick up option, but you always get teleported back before you get the chance to get your hands on one.
  • Melzar appears to use magic similar to his.