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A crystal tree is a tree grown from a crystal acorn in the crystal tree patch in the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas. Planting the acorn requires level 94 Farming (cannot be boosted) and grants 50,000 farming experience. Once the acorn is planted, the tree will grow almost instantly. Unlike the other crystal trees found in various locations around the world, this crystal tree can't be used for Woodcutting training. Chopping the tree instead clears the patch, requiring no woodcutting level and granting no experience, but allowing another crystal acorn to be planted.

The tree can be harvested once per day, not including the day it was planted, resetting at 00:00 UTC. This grants 15,000 farming experience and a crystal tree blossom. If the player is wearing the Tirannwn quiver 4, two crystal tree blossoms are awarded instead, although the experience is not increased. Greenfingers cannot increase the yield of this tree, regardless of tier.

This repeatable content has a soft reset.
The next period's content will become available only once a player has logged out and in.
A player planting a crystal acorn

Planting a crystal tree seed in the crystal tree patch for the first time unlocks the 'of the Naragi' title.

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